Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Sorry if I got carried away and maudlin yesterday.  Simone has seen me through some really tough times - cancer, chemo, and radiation.  She is special.

But her diagnosis got me to thinking.  ALS.  What a horrible disease.

We watched a friend/neighbor/cousin fight it at the SSB.  For the longest time, he wasn't diagnosed.  His malady was unknown.  Then they knew.  For him it hit his arms - especially the right.  One of the others up there was telling me about walking in the pasture with J and having him fall only to land on his face because his arms couldn't reach out to stop the fall.

He hit it pretty well.  He managed to find ways to get around using his arms - especially the right - most times.  I do remember the Community Club Christmas party where his wife had to feed him though.  A sight like that will break your heart.

J was an author as well as educator.  He managed to write one novel.   Did a good job too!  After his death became imminent, he wrote a book to his grandchildren about life and responsibilities which was also published.  It was quite amazing.

So why am I remembering J?  We have a young woman at our church who has ALS.  She also is amazing to me.  She always participates in things the Women's group needs - like food for things.   She takes her turn on hospitality - where she sets up refreshments for church days.  She works a full time job.  And she just got married about six months ago.

I spoke with her on Sunday.  She was curious about when the Women's Group met.  She would like to attend, but she has an ALS support group that day.

I have the desire to feel sorry for her.  The saying :life sucks" could so easily be applied here.  She is in the prime of her life.  Her ALS seems to have effected her legs first.  She is in a wheel chair.  She should have her whole, full life ahead.  I know what she has ahead, and I am sure she does too.   I know how J died.  I know what the end days were like.  And yet, even though I haven't asked her I really don't think she would welcome my sad feelings for her.

She is definitely added to my list of most respected people.


judemiller1 said...

Tragedies everywhere we look and some, very close to home. I was not aware that dogs could have ALS--and the young lady at your church. The eternal question, "Why?"

JuJu said...

I think you're right, she would rather know you respect her than pity her.

I hope she's enjoying each and every day. It sounds like she is.

I bet Simone could give her some love and support too!


some times it's really hard to keep the chin up and those tits out.