Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Confessions - at least some

Since retiring, my level of energy isn't what it used to be.  I began this time taking care of eldest granddaughter - Lady Bug, now known as soon-to-be-champion-swimmer.   She never took naps.  Then came Monkey Boy, and lastly the Littlest One.  She was a problem because Daughter didn't get her adjusted to taking a bottle in the three months she stayed home, so when I got her ...

Of course then came the cancer, and  then the knees crapped out on me.  Chemo and radiation will sap your strength - for a long time.  With aching knees it is hard to move - and getting on the floor was almost impossible.  Of course, now with new knees, my ex-ortho doc (he WOULD have to go and have a fatal heart attack on me!) told me it certainly isn't good to put that little knee-cap between something and titanium knees.  The bone tends to shatter.  So that leaves me in a more or less upright position.

So the point here?  Well - my house needs a really good cleaning.   No, more than that - it needs to be gutted.  I have slipped into somewhat of a hoarder too.  I develop silly attachments to things that are given to me, or, as in recent years those things I have salvaged from our departed loved ones.

To quickly sum it up - I have too much stuff.  So I am working diligently to divest myself of all this "stuff."

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't make it on the show about hoarders, but I have too much stuff.  One of the things I have gotten rid of is a set of glass dishes.  You know the kind - when ladies would have lunches for their bridge club and the like.  They were really cute - little plates shaped like apples.  Cups and apple saucers (when was the last time I used a "cup?"  That's what mugs are for!) There were little apple shaped glass bowls, and something that I would only imagine were little glass coasters.  They were too small for anything else.

I finally got the nerve to get rid of them.  First, I don't play bridge.  I only know one woman who still does.  Second, all my friends are still working.  Third this set is completely fron yesterday.  Obsolete.  Does it bother me?  Yes, a little.

I guess I excuse keeping stuff because it is old - antique.  When we were last at the SSB, I went through a "high-class" resale shop.  With all the old folks up there that have died, their families are selling the stuff to him.   He has it as antiques.  And they are.

I remarked to him that much of the stuff he has - especially kitchen things like corning ware - I STILL use.  I said it was amazing to see that and toys I played with in antique stores!  He said we should just call them "retro."  OK - whatever.

Anyway, I still have no energy.  Some of that is my vitamin D deficiency.  Some might be cancer left overs.  They say you are never the same after cancer and its treatment.  Some may be age.  Some may just  be I am lazy!  Don't know - never put house keeping at the top of my list.  Did it for mom, so I have been doing it all since age 12.  Just sick of it!  But I am digging through the stuff.  Passing it along to someone else!


JuJu said...

Can you put some of it away for your grandchildren? I know I wish I had more of my grandparent's items and especially my mom's. That way you're cleaning up the clutter, but not really getting rid of it?

Girl, you need to start enjoying this retirement thing! Cleaning is for the birds. Hire someone to do the hard stuff!

Marti said...

I had those plates! And the little cups, little bowls, and even an apple shaped salad bowl. How funny. I got rid of mine years ago and have only occasionally missed them.

I have heard that chemo changes a lot of things permanently. I have a neighbor who has been through chemo twice and talks about it slowing her down.

I didn't know that about the knees. I'm going to ask my mom if she knows she should stay off her knees, thanks for the info. What happens if you fall though?

judemiller1 said...

I like to put some of my clutter away for "the kids"--I'm just not sure they will appreciate it like I did when I got it from grandma and mom. Who knows. I have lots of baking and cooking stuff I could get rid of, but.....it is in the bottom cupboards and because of my Titanium hips, I can't get down on my knees. (Oh, that's not true, but I use it for an excuse.) LOL. Yes--knee replacements are not supposed to be next to a hard surface--like kneeling on the floor!!