Sunday, April 14, 2013

It seemed like a good idea at the time ...

Like many of you, I saw the article that stated that niacin could be helpful in fighting cholesterol, and it was an inexpensive way to do it - about seven cents a pill.  Since I have been on statins, and they caused me tremendous leg cramps.

I went to the cardiologist and told him that the leg cramp were just not tolerable, and he did but my on a powder that I mix with juice or Crystal Lite in the mornings.  It is working great, and I don't have any problems with it, but why not try the niacin.

As I was reading the bottle of niacin, it said "supports heart health and energy metabolism."  Hey sounds great to me, and it is cheap.  Two bottles for $4.50.  That's 120 pills for that price.  Beats prescription meds.

So bought two (it was buy one, get one free).  What frugal German can resist such a deal.

At lunch that day, I decided to take one.  Ok - work your magic.  Let's bring down those numbers even  more.  Perhaps it would work on the triglycerides.

About 4, I was sitting on the couch reading my book, and I started with a warm feeling.  Now it wasn't like a hot flash or simply being too warm.  I was just warm even though my feet were cold.  I remarked to G that I was feeling warm without being hot.  It was a strange feeling.  My ears felt like they were turning red - you know like a big blush.

Then my arms and chest under my shirt began to tingle.  Tingle isn't the exact word, it was like little sharp bits were attached to my blouse.  They it seemed like I was beginning to itch.

That's when it hit me - I was having an allergic reaction.  I reached for Simone's benydryl. and took two of them.  Well, that's what I told G.  I actually took three.  I figured if my 70 pound dog could tolerate three, my ### pounds (not gonna divulge that number - suffice it to say it is plenty over 70!) I could take three.  And if I were having an allergic reaction, I wanted to stop it here, not in the ER.

Then, G and I both looked up side effects of niacin.  It causes flushing in some people.  That is what was happening to me.  I felt really stupid at that point.  He chastised me no end for not doing more research on the drug.  The internet said to talk to your doctor before beginning niacin.

So now I have 119 niacin pills.  And they are gong to stay in the bottles.  I surely am not going to do that again.  It was a terrible experience.  But it did seem like a good idea at the time.


JuJu said...

This made me itch just reading it!! I hope you are feeling better now!

Cheyenne said...

After my husband's heart attack he was put on a prescription niacin and it worked great. Years later we decided he could take the otc stuff but checked with his cardiologist first. Yep, same thing happened to him. After that his doc said he could stop taking them altogether.