Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I didn't realize how I think of things differently when we are up here.  In town, I keep up with the grandkidlets and the like.  I have to deal with traffic, or the morons when shopping.  Up here, those things are really pretty far from my mind - unless the family is here visiting.

My main thought today is how we get to the social function tomorrow night.  So far we have the directions of go past the church and the house with the red roof - that's where Don lives, and looks for XXXX Road.  Well, on second thought plan to be in that area by 6:15 to follow someone else.

THAT is the big dilemma for today and tomorrow.  So we will do some additional calling around to get directions.

I found that this internet is slower than what I have at home.  I was disappointed not to see the end of that show, but I am going to try again today, this time hooking up the unused tv in the bedroom.  We will see how that works.

The biggest thing that has happened was the tarantula on the back deck.  I know we have all sorts of wild life, but it seldom comes to the house.  But there was that spider in all its glory.  A big question we have is why scorpions love the front deck late at night.

As you see, the problems here are so small.  It is so unlike the times when this area was populated with the German immigrants that were our forefathers.  I think I like today a lot better.  


Cheyenne said...

I didn't realize there are so many options out there for hooking into the Internet. I get mine through our phone company and it is working out quite well. we bundled with our phone and *knock on wood* the price hasn't gone up yet.

Scary story about the spider. I don't think I could live amongst scorpions either. Two of my not-so-favorite things right there.

JuJu said...

I think it's great that you have a place to go to where you can slow down and chill.

If only the internet were quicker, it might be Nirvana??


as long as they don't touch me I don't mind Tarantula's..but they touch me, they die.