Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bad to worse

First of all - I am using my little embroidery based computer.  It is about 7 inches across, and the keyboard is tiny.  I am not a typist, and this is sheer torture!  This post will take twice as long as normal because I will spend my time correcting typos!

JuJu - you asked where we were going - the destination is the Outer Banks.  There are stops planned along the way, but I really don't know (care) where.  Next - tell him how I feel.  I swear there is male menopause, and he has been in it for MANY years,  I will explain.

I moved heaven and earth to change my next eye injection to the previous week.  I have made my life more miserable doing this,  From October 6 to the 30th, we will be home two nights. He was so flip about it when he said "I'll keep you gone almost the entire month of October."

To add to all this - my meds are to be mail order - a three month supply at a time.  AND the drug insurance company just changed,  I have no refills to count on.  When I mentioned that I hoped I had enough meds to cover, I was asked couldn't I get additional before I go,  Now - he knows better.  His last position was in INSURANCE!  I might be able to get those three month ones to the new company AND have them delivered in time, but the several from the local pharmacy - no.  You have to be out before you can refill them - insurance rules.

So when I said this - he stormed off mumbling (because he knows that makes me sooooo mad) about just spending his entire life here.

Am I sick of this crap and his rantings and raving - you know it.  Will I leave - I would like to, but separating things after all these years would be a complete nightmares, and all that I have inherited has been disposed of and/or mostly spent.  So where would I be?  Trying to survive on Texas Teacher Retirement - which is year 2000 in dollars.  It has been that long since there has been any raise in monies.  Social Security?  Thank you Tom Delay - since you think retirement funds like TRS is so great - we get a small percentage of Social Security - mine is a whopping $67 a  month after this last raise.  Plus if G were to die - I get none of his.

Anyway - I have retreated to the craft room since I have finally gotten my machine back.  I will sit up hee and try to figure out just what I can do to solve my problems.  And seethe!



my friend was a teacher and she has her teachers retirement fund ..and think it sucks she can't draw social security.

judemiller1 said...

I can understand why you don't want to go away from home, but if you have to--the Outer Banks are beautiful in October. They are my favorite place on this earth. It's too bad that money or lack thereof, has to be a factor in getting out of a miserable life--I know all about that--it kept me in one for many years. Texas sounds terrible for retirement money. Wouldn't you get alimony? If married 10 years, you are entitled to alimony--at least in this state. Also you should get part of his Social Security, if you filed through his name and you can do that if you have been married 20 years. Or sell the house and SSB and split the money to give you a nest egg to live on. Perhaps you need to talk to an attorney just to see your options and call the Social Security office also to see what options you have. These last 25 years after my divorce certainly haven't been easy, but they are a whole heck of a lot better then being married to someone who put me down emotionally every single day!!!

judemiller1 said...

P.S. If you talked to an attorney you wouldn't have to go ahead with anything, but at least, you'd know--in the back of your mind you would know and that might make you smile at he turns his back and mumbles his way out of the room. "Keep it up fellow--just keep it up and one of these days....."

Beth said...

No wisdom, but I do have prayers for you!