Saturday, September 22, 2012

Happy, Happy - I have internet

They came today!  They came and put up my dish and connected me to the 21st century.  I have internet.

It isn't as fast as what I have at home. This may be a problem at Thanksgiving when all the grandkidlets are here and want to go on line to access Netflix and Hulu.  I think there will be long periods of spooling.  Who knows - they might even be dumped - but it is here!

I really thought it could be installed on the eave next to the satellite tv.  But this dish is huge in comparison - and heavy.  Don't know why, but it is.  so it sits on the front deck - attached to the corner of the deck.  That was better than the roof.

BUT.  I. AM. CONNECTED.  I also have my router - so here I sit in the living room just a'surfin'!


Deb from WhatsInMyAttic said...

Love it when a plan comes together! It's tough when you are used to saying "I'll just Google it" and the realize you can't! Remember when we felt that way about the land line telephone when a storm knocked out the lines? Ancient history!


hot damn

JuJu said...

Hooray! A few months and lots of stress, and finally! Enjoy all your computing!!

Cheyenne said...

Congrats! I would be lost without my computers. I am forever looking something up because my husband said something that didn't sound right and lo and behold when I look it up, just as I thought, he was wrong! I love it!