Sunday, September 16, 2012

Still around and kickin'

Yes - I am still here, and no I haven't murdered G and buried him behind the garage, but that doesn't mean I haven't necessarily thought about it.

I am doing anything right now to keep from cleaning up my everyday debris - like Simone's pills and the like - to keep the three year old terror from getting into it all.  Yes, it is family dinner night - again!   And my house - again.  I have to go over everything with a fine toothed comb to make sure there is nothing out that he can get into.  That includes Simone's and Shadow's toys.  I keep a toy box full of toys in the hallway that has no traffic, but it seems like Son's kids want to play with the animal's toys.  Geesh!

I am really sounding like an old crone!  I will be perfect for Halloween.

I can't think of anything out of the ordinary that is going on here.  Yesterday we (Daughter, her girls and I) had lunch with our good church friends.  They are taking a month's vacation from church.  That seems a little odd, but they are the ones who were there to set up for folding the diapers back when we made those diaper cakes.  The mom is the one Pastor threw the chair at because she wasn't doing it the way he thought she should.  I guess them taking a vacation is better than them leaving the church.  That would be sad.  They are great women!

My body is still falling apart piece by piece.  I get to go to the Nephrologist on Wednesday.  I wonder what he will tell me about having too much potassium in my urine.  I went for a blood test for the GP last week.     He probably will insist that I see an Endocrinologist.  Pretty soon I will have an entire stable of specialists - one of every specialization.   Yuck.  I think my A1C was probably high - again.  The stupid glucose keeps spiking - unless I just don't eat - anything.

And so it goes on.  Hope you have some good excitement in your life!



JuJu said...

What was for family dinner this evening? Did you cook, or did the kids help out?

How is Simone feeling? Does she seem better than last week?

I can't imagine having to see doctors constantly. My once a years drive me bonkers! And, the time we waste sitting in that examination room waiting to be seen!!! Argh.

I hope it's a good week for you and that G lives to see another week. :-)


someone threw a chair at me, would be picking his teeth out of his ass.

Jeanette said...

Can't believe he threw a chair at her! Hope you enjoyed your family dinner and the little one behaved himself! Hope your A1c is good, too. Are you on medication? If it's still too high you may need to have it adjusted. Have a good week!