Monday, September 17, 2012


I reported what my friend said about Pastor throwing a chair at her.  Knowing the two of them - I think he probably slid it to her with some force.  She has always thought he had a good heart.  Her family was victims of a home invasion last year.  As soon as he found out - he was there to offer help and/or consolation.  That meant the world to her.

Now as to the chair - he is known for his OCD.  He's picky about the arrangement of the church.  Now you have to realize we are about as far from a traditional Lutheran church as you can get.  We meet in a strip mall.  In fact our space was once a coffee shop, and we haven't made BIG changes.  It is a flexible space, and that meets out needs so well.

They were setting up tables behind the chairs.  He had one idea - and I think he had asked another friend about her idea - and went from there.  Sharon didn't know that, and she had another idea.  Pastor can get bent out of shape along these lines. The hardest feelings came from the fact that even though he lost his temper - he never apologized.  In fact he saw no reason to apologize - from anyone  (??),

Now family dinner - this one's for you JuJu.  I planned pork ribs, potato salad, beans, bread.  I bought two large racks of ribs.  My big eater (SIL) wasn't here after all!  So I have ribs for ever.

Things were going so very well.  The three year old was acting so great.  His "school" is working wonders, and he loves it.  There were no political discussions, and the old bear (G) was in a good mood.  Even Lady Bug, who has "become a woman with a friend that visits" didn't get her feelings hurt and lock herself in the bathroom.  Gotta' love those hormones!

I should have known things were going too well.  Other than dropping a knife on the floor and the knife broke (!!), I thought it was great.  I had to use jelly roll pans for the ribs because I don't have my huge baking pans here.  I was afraid that the liquid that came from the ribs would spill when I tried to get them out, so I got a brilliant idea. I poured the first pan into the stock pot that I used to boil the potatoes.  It worked like a charm.  Then I put the second rack on that pan after cutting the first ones up.  The mistake there was leaving the pan in the oven - even though the oven was off.

That send G into a tizzy (he cleans the kitchen).    Fortunately everyone was gone and didn't witness this one.  But I got so angry at his tone, and smart a*s statement to better coat the pan next time because stuff was burned on that I just left the room.  I was going to close myself in the bedroom, but realized he would be coming in to shower and all.  So I went upstairs and closed the door.

There were other things that irritated me then, but they made me madder because of the primary insult - so..  I am barely speaking to him today.  So that's Family Dinner.

Simone is apparently doing really well.  She has had her food changed once again.  She still loves it.  She really like the changes, but I am always worried when we do that because G just dumps the new on a little of the old - not gradually changing the food.  But she seems so be good.  We will be taking her to the SSB this week, so we will see.  This time I will be armed with all sorts of meds though.  Benedryl, her tranquilizer,  her motion sick pill, and of course her old lady pill that curtails the urine leakage.

This morning I got to have more labs done.  Had some last week, and in my passive-aggressive way I didn't schedule a follow up appointment,  We'll see if the GP calls and demands I come it!!  But today I had to go for the Nephrologist.  I thought of the post you put up JuJu, because I got to pee in the cup for both of those.  There I sat giggling while trying to hit that cup!

The lab tech I got this morning must love his job however (not!) because he never cracked even the barest smile.  Talk about a gruff sober-sides.  I thought I was at home.  He, he!

And finally - yes I am on metaformin. The problem is I haven't been following what I should be eating.  I haven't been a good girl - but I know what I have to do.  There is no excuse really - but I am just so tired of my body failing bit by bit.  Plus - I have to be honest - I keep wondering if my old friend cancer isn't out there again.  I don't think any survivor doesn't have that thought in the back of their head.

So - my life over the weekend.  Such excitement!


JuJu said...

I get so tired of taking pills, and I only have four a day that I take. I whine and hate it. If I get the taste on my tongue, it kills me. Blech.

I don't think that has anything to do with anything.

I wish I could have been at dinner. I love ribs. But, I really never get to eat them. Probably because I don't cook them. I would have washed the pot for you.

And the tech? Next time someone does that to you, get right up in their face and blow a puff of air into their face and then tell them to get over themselves!

Judy said...

I can't hit the cup, but fortunately, labs and doc's office around here have the styrofoam "pots" that fit under the toilet seat--you just sit down regularly, pee, lift the seat, take out the pot (it even has a spout for easy pouring, then pour it into the bottle. A God send to my way of thinking.