Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Well, it's off again tomorrow

We will be going to the SSB tomorrow.  Seriously - I really don't want to go.

One reason is that my insurance for my prescriptions has changed.  I sent in a request last week for one of the prescriptions.  It has not come yet.  I surely don't want it sitting out in the mail box to bake in the sun for a week.  I am getting to the point that I hate mail service for the drugs.  It is so much easier to just go to the pharmacy.

Since I am on Medicare, I qualify for glucose testing supplies.  Well - they are also delivered by mail.  They are supposed to be on the way, but guess what!!!  That's right.  They are not here.

I have another package coming, but sitting in the mail box in the sun won't bother it.  I have treated myself to a new wig.  And I really do need it!  I just want to see it - it is a different brand.  I am curious how it fits and looks.

Last night, finally, was the first in a while we didn't argue.  I guess because I finally yelled back he figured out I had enough.

He decided we take the Highlander this time.  And that's why we got it - so it could go.  BUT - we have a little 5000BTU air conditioner that has been sitting in the garage.  We got it for the lake, and that property is gone.  Last time at the SSB we visited with a cousin and her husband.  They are re-modeling the original house on his grandparent's (now his aunt's) property.  There is a second floor, and they just got it going.  But it is hot up there.  So we offered that little unit.

Now a/c + Highlander (rather than truck) = very little room.  He never thought about that before.  Geesh!

I am wondering if we will finally get our internet.  In fact, I am going to call in a bit.  I just think we won't get it.  I guess Hughes Net doesn't care if they make money or not.  We have been waiting over two months now - if they don't get it done this time, it will be three!  Wonderful.

Perhaps I will be back late Saturday or Sunday.  All depends on that little satellite!



have fun...

JuJu said...

Tell me about the wig? What color? What style? Where do you order it from? How man wigs do you have?

Can you tell I'm intrigued?

Have safe travels and don't kill G!!