Friday, September 07, 2012

Just spouting off

I hate politics.  I hate elections.  I know, I know, millions have served and died so that we have the freedoms that allow us to participate in elections.  BUT the elections are not what our forefathers dreamed and formulated.

I am not accusing one party or the other because what I am feeling fully applies to both of them.  Elections are the property of the factors in this country that can and do pay millions.  That makes me so angry on so many levels.

First - think of all the people in this country who are starving and don't have homes.  Think of all the areas of research where this money could go. I am sure you could think of many places where monies from the "private sector" could do so much good.  Not be wasted on an election.

Second - do you really  believe your vote makes a difference?  I don't.  I really believe that.  When the primaries come along, folks who could make a difference in this country can't even get on the ballot.  They simply don't have the funds.  I do not, and have not in many years, felt like I have been represented.  Please remember I am NOT talking about any particular person/area/ etc.  This is a generality across the board - from school boards to the highest office.  And this is for decades I have felt this.  I am being totally non-partisan here.

Third - as soon as a candidate is elected, they begin campaigning for RE-election. They are not happy being in office and doing what they SAID they would do.  No - even if they say it is for only one term - there they go.  Looking for votes for the next go-around.

I get so tired of all the ads on the media.  I get so tired of all the mud-slinging.  I get really tired of the flat out lies and partial non-truths.  There is enough graft out there.  It doesn't have to be made up.

I also don't like the way people become so radical about one group or another.  I have seen friendships totally destroyed because of all this non-sense.  The populace is whipped into a frenzy by these parties who are brain-washing their followers that the other party are evil incarnate.

If our forefathers who drafted this democracy we have now, they would destroy the whole thing.  It is not going the way they intended.  And this will be blasphemy for some of you, and I really don't mean to incite that, but if you really give it honest thought and no knee-jerk reaction, you might agree.  We need to take a cold eye at what is written there.  We are 200+ years past that time when these august fore-fathers wrote the constitution.  Has the world changed?  Has the country changed?  Darn tooting.

My dad, if he were still alive, would have turned 100 on August 28.  Had I had internet, I would have posted a tribute to him, and we all know what happened there.  I can't really imagine how he must have felt about all the changes he witnessed in his life.  In my mere 67 years, I am amazed at what has happened in this world.

I am not listing what changes should happen in that document, but I really believe some changes are in order.  After all, they wrote the constitution as reactionaries to the oppressive rules  they came from.  Perhaps they really didn't mean it to stand for 200 years.  Who could have foreseen where we are today - electricity, air travel, space travel, air conditioning (thanks be!), such mobility, and on and on.

I am just sick of elections, mud slinging, and normally peaceful people becoming rabid strangers who attack their neighbors because they don't see politics in the same manner.  They lose all sight of the right to have one's own thoughts.

Sorry for the rant.  Just had to get this off my chest.  Who am I voting for, well - for one it's my secret (thanks fore-fathers), and if you want to know the truth, it's who I am voting against.  Still my secret.


JuJu said...

You go girl!

judemiller1 said...

The money they get for their campaign coffers makes me sick--like you I think of the many people it could me!!! I've been interested in politics since I was 12--I don't know why--I find it fascinating, but this year is really dirty, nasty, snarky and laced with so many lies and scare tactics it is nauseating.

Cheyenne said...

This country has been on a downward spiral and it's not getting any better in a hurry. We,ve waited almost 4 years and now we are expected wait another four? I think not. The deficit keeps growing at an alarming rate. The taxpayer gets tapped for every little f*rt that comes along. I, too, am tired of it all. However, I have never been registered to vote. But because I cannot stand one of the choices, I will vote for the first time in my life. That way if my choice loses I can say at least I tried and not feel guilty.