Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well, yes we are here, and with a new look. At least I got rid of the Photobucket square! Even more thanks to your diligence in finding the answer Marti! That was really annoying, but it just fit in with everything else!

This is out of place on the timeline, but I am going to put it here anyway. After all - it's my blog. I can be as inappropriate as I can stand (LOL). In addition to everything else computer wise, there is a 99% chance that the router is gone too. I will tell you the final proof in a bit. Makes you shake your head and ask what more! But I don't think I want to know!


I went on my rant about Geek Squad the other day, well, I am still very upset with the whole situation, but they did come out - early - on Saturday. The guy called, and said he was running early. Well - that was great.

When he got here, I saw the air card protruding from his computer. I remarked about it, stating that I believed that my router was down because Daughter tried to get onto the net with her computer here. Well, hers is a business computer, and it is sometime difficult for it to get onto the web except with their provided means. Well, he couldn't either. So I think the router is a gonner since I re-installed it too.

Anyway, he set about getting that fancy remote to work. I was really excited about it. We have trouble getting from the surround sound to the tuner for radio. NPR has a really funny show on the radio on Saturday mornings. We love listening to it. There are questions that are based on the previous week's news happenings. Changing that set up to play DVDs is difficult. Simone's bed is right there, so I have to move it, and so on.

Anyway back to the installation. The guy sat there, on the floor, with his computer. You have to load the kind of apparatus into the computer and then onto the controller. I thought this would be no problem because they are all the same brand, purchased about seven months ago.

To cut to the chase. When the dust settled, the new controller will control the TV and the DVD. Surround sound and the tuner have to be from the original controller. In other words, we are just about where we were with the cable remote and the original controller for the tuner. Poor G, he thought he was getting something that was really neat! One controller for all. He thought about taking it back. but we would still be out the installation, which I understand to be expensive.

Last week I bought a new phone. I was in a hurry, and so I shopped by price. I had the kids in tow, so I was even more distracted. I needed a new one because the old system had handsets that wouldn't hold a charge for any length of time. You cannot be a true couch potato without that wireless remote! Daughter was threatening me. Every time she called, the battery went dead.

So I proudly brought home my purchase. I took it out of the box and set it all up. It was then I discovered that it wasn't an answering machine as well. Oh. So I thought for a bit. Why couldn't I just replace the corded phone in the bedroom with the base of this one, and put the other one someplace. Still use the answering machine.

The first call had the new phone answering - along with the answering machine. It was terrible. I poured over the instruction book. Son called. He works for the phone company. He had no idea why it wouldn't work. To make this long story short, I am still using both sets. When I am home, I turn off the answering machine so it doesn't answer too. I turn on the answering machine when I leave. This is not a good method. I am going to call their customer line. Wanna bet I don't get any help! Wanna bet I get to take a trip to India!

Peace be with you.


judemiller1 said...

You certainly are having a time with all your electronic thingies. Times were a lot easier back in the day, weren't they? I can remember the first answering machine I had. It was the size of a bread box, but I could call in from a remote location and get my messages and I played around with leaving funny outgoing messages. Had a ball with that thing and it worked correctly all the time.

Marti said...

You are bringing back memories - all bad - of electronic experiences. We bought some kind of router so we could use the printer wirelessly, couldn't figure out how to install it, and finally paid someone to come here & install it. Used it for a few days and figured out I still had to have the computer connected to it to use the scanner. Total waste of money and I'm still tied to the thing.

Marti said...

Something odd going on in the blogosphere today. I noticed my feedjit was missing and came here to check yours and it's missing too. I can't get onto their website either. My yahoo mail won't load today either. I think I'll just shut down and go do some housework. Yuck.

Susan Adcox said...

I watch TV once in a blue moon, and when I decide I want to watch something, half the time I have to get my husband to turn it on for me. Do I push the power button or the one that says cable or the one that says TV. . . This is one aspect of technology that I don't like!