Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Christmas - sort of

That's my feeling today. I am respecting G's wish that I wait until tomorrow to see if he has won that gift certificate.

To try for that certificate is a process that he has explained. It seems they get "points" at work. Someone gives them stars or something because they have been witnessed doing something above and beyond - or some other nonsense. G is not into things like this, but he plays along.

Then they have prizes posted somewhere. You can tell I pay close attention. Anyway, they can put their points, er stars, on one or more star. The person who puts the most stars on the prize wins that prize. Some are quite nice. Vacation spots like Galveston. There is usually a night at one of the two - uh, I forgot about Ike it is one, of the nice hotels.

G usually goes for some more utilitarian prizes, and ones that he thinks that he has a chance to win. He will put all his points on that one thing. This year was for a $200 gift certificate to Best Buy. He said I could use it for a new computer. So I have been limping along here with this one.

It has been me and my air card. So I don't do much these days. I changed the look. I need to do more with the looks of the blog, but like December and Christmas, I am waiting. Hope Santa is good this year!


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judemiller1 said...

I like the new look of your blog and hope G wins the prize!!