Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's been a while

Right now I am sitting with the laptop wedged in front of the desk top. Both are "running." The degree of running varies from moment to moment. For the most part, this one is pretty good - especially since there is darn little on it! The desk top is really wonky - probably due to the amount of junk on it - including things I don't want to know.

Both are supposedly connected to the internet - the big one in the home mailbox, and this one here. I gave up on the big one because it is also downloading a virus program and doing a virus scan. Bet it doesn't find a thing. I haven't been able to open a different program that is better than that one.

We spent the weekend at the SSB. While there, the thermometer on the deck - in the sun - registered 121. To say it was hot is an understatement. The house took two days to completely cool off. It is really hard to get an ambient temperature that is cool when it's that hot. We even leave the thermostat at about 85 when we leave. Glad we don't turn it off!!
I noticed that our "nephew" was there - again - this weekend. He is a very troubled boy, and thus has a cadre of troubled friends. I don't like him to bring those friends into an area where there are two homes that are not inhabited most of the time. I also know they hunt on our properties because my SIL has the least land, so ... Plus it is in the middle of our places.

The nephew was the cause of SIL divorcing her husband. They married when she was older. She always said she didn't want children. He somehow found this woman who wanted to give up her child. That has always been a puzzle to me. Nephew looks a lot like adoptive dad. Just sayin'. He ultimately has been thrown out of Dad's house (new wifey and all), and asked to move to the wilderness with Mom. Dad got friendly again - nephew was in trouble at school - so he moved back. In the process he said some really terrible things to Mom. I thought that would be the end, but guess what - he's back on the weekends at least. He manages to get someone with wheels to drive him. I don't think he has a vehicle, nor job. He seems to couch surf since he moved away from Dad again. So we make sure the gates are locked and the gap is closed. The others don't have that luxury since the land used to be all one place and is contiguous.

Ah, such is life.

Peace be with you.
Oh - I think I am honing in on a new computer!!


judemiller1 said...

Hope you get that new computer. Glad you got up to SSB--so hot--I can't even imagine living in that kind of weather.

Grandma K said...

OH, Jude - you live with the extreme cold at times, it's only fair. My hearts go out to those who live in areas where they get the COLD and the hot.

The temperature in the shade was more like 101, and we Texans know better than getting out in the most extreme part of the day. That's what naps are for - especially before a/c!! It was just fun watching that thermometer/rain gauge sit and bake in the Texas sun!