Saturday, August 07, 2010


I really didn't think that my post got on yesterday. It certainly was rough and not well written.

I am on the Dell desktop which is really wonky, but I think it will work well enough to get this written. I spent most of the day yesterday, yes you guessed correctly, working with the laptop. At the beginning I had very little hard disc space. After manually deleting as many files from the recovery (ha - what a misnomer) files that it is a little bigger, but ...

Some of the rest of the time was spent in here with the Dell trying to reload the router. There is nothing wrong with the router - I don't think. The problem is still with the lap top. I reloaded the wireless port in the lap top, and it did show the spots available. I entered the new key for my router, and the computer sat there trying to connect. Oh well, I think I have spent enough time with that thing.

This computer is slow as molasses, and gets caught in who knows what and will dump you, but it does work, sort of.

I hope G gets the gift card to Best Buy. That will be $200 toward a new lap top. That one is fried. I laugh when I think of the guy at the repair shop talking about how slow the processor in the lap top is. He would laugh hysterically at this one!

Funny how with each new computer you get you think it is just so fast - until you load it, and then get a new one.

I have rambled enough for one day. It is still all about the gripes with computers. I think this is the end of that subject. It is boring.


Marti said...

Argk! That is so frustrating. I hope the only consolation is that you are learning some good stuff, but if you are like me, it's just raising your blood pressure.

judemiller1 said...

I try to keep my computer "clean" and go through several cleaning and defrag processes every Thursday--also run the virus scans. Clean out my Java cache, do a disk clean, on and on. So far, so good.