Thursday, August 12, 2010

And so today ...

I will have the grandkids again. Yesterday was a pretty good day with them. We went to the less than a dollar store for supplies to do the science experiments. Then a went to another store to get a baby gate to replace the stroller that has been the barricade into the dining room - to keep Simone out. Boxers seem to think that dining room is the indoor potty if they can get away with it. Anyway, we went to eat, and that went great, then swimming and playing outside (in the 101 heat!). But it was good.

I am limping along with this computer. It barely works, and I have to use the 3.6 Mbsp air card. I'm not out there reading these days, so that's the reason for no comments, I'm just not out there reading. The desk top has picked up a program that is supposedly an antivirus, but it has taken over the computer. I think LB helped with that one, and with them here, I can't hold up in the study to fix it. I thought I had it taken off, but it reappeared again.

After the 19th, there will be a new, bright shiny laptop around here, and I can return to normal. I may (unknown to G) buy a less expensive one to use the most and a cheaper for my embroidery stuff!

Anyway, I am here, not necessarily in cyberspace, but I am still about. Just very, very quiet.

Peace be with you.


flying eagle woman said...

I'd love to come hang out with you and your grandkids!!!! be there in 15 minutes, hm?
Have a good one!

judemiller1 said...

it will be nice to have a new computer. And now that you have new legs--it is easier to play with the kids.

Marti said...

Sounds like the grands enjoy being with you. My grandparents never did science experiments (or anything else) with me.

Would you email me please?