Friday, August 06, 2010

More cra%

Since I am on the slow as molasses air card, this will be a rather brief account of the last week. We were gone from Saturday to Tuesday. During that time the old Gateway was in the hospital. They added a new wrinkle to the whole experience - they wanted the power cord as well. I knew I couldn't get it to them until Wednesday because I convinced G to stop on the way out since the repair facility was on the way. I knew that they would be backed up, and wouldn't get to the computer until about Wednesday anyway.

We got home Tuesday evening, and there was a message that the computer was ready. I was so excited - until I got it home and opened it. It was only restored to the point where I had wiped out everything trying to get back to where I wanted it. So it had very, very few of my files on it.

I couldn't access my router either. That was just a non ending loop. I had to resort to the air card, and at first even that wasn't allowed by this computer. So I took it back yesterday - on the way to the clinic to have, yet another, procedure only this time to use a laser to kill the blasted nerve.

In the shop, it got onto their internet. Soooo, this means that in some weird cosmic conglomeration, the spirits that be made the router go haywire. That means I have to fight the ancient Dell desktop to get the router back!

So that means all of my bookmarks are gone. They are gone for good. Fortunately I copied a few, and I have another copy somewhere of ones that I still meet, but mostly old ones that I don't vidit anymore.

The back ups that are stored on the C drive have eaten my space. I get those error messages all the time. He told me what to do about it. But I asked him if this one was on its last legs, and he said that the processor was slow, etc, etc. It wasn't that he was trying to sell me a new one (yest he was), but this one was so obsolete that adding anything to it would be a waste.

So as long as I have the air card ripping along at its 3.6Mbps, I will be here. That is along with the error message that it could not contact Great. Retrying, retrying retrying ...



judemiller1 said...

At first I thought you meant the laser blasted the computer's nerve--then I re-read and got it. You blasted the nerve in your back with a laser? Hope it helps!!!

why Egypt ? said...

hope u well