Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Tomorrow is September 11.  The terrible day in history, and we are celebrating it by getting on a plane that heads from Swampland to Chicago (love the city - hate the thought of their airport(s)), then on to Alaska.  I feel a bit like Alfred E Neuman (and if you are under 30 you may not know who I am referring to) with his :what me worry?"  Well, yeah.  A little.

There are little things  that are going wrong with this trip, but I guess that's to be expected when things are planned so far in advance.  The first was that we were to be on a plane, that while it stopped in Chicago, we didn't have to change planes.  Well - no  more.  That has me a tad worried.  Now we have a lay-over in Chicago, AND I can't enjoy the city.  Oh well.

Then we have been expecting Clyde's records.  They were supposed to be here Friday or Saturday.  Nope.  And they didn't come yesterday.  I really didn't panic until yesterday because we have such lousy mail service.  I guess it's karma or something.  My dad was a letter carrier and later supervisor, so it is natural that I would be getting lousy service all these years later.

Sending the records is normal for an adoption group.  They want to be sure they get their monies!  Who can blame them.  Anyway, Ann sent the records along with the tags for the microchip and rabies tag.  Those are important, and cannot be replaced.  As it was, Ann had to go to a restaurant to send the copies via email since they don't have internet at their property.

So there are little hitches.  I have to believe that all will be well in the long run.  This is a trip of a lifetime for me.  I wish we could have added a cruise along the coast, but we will be riding trains that will be going where a lot of others don't get to do.  It's a trade off!

The best news - I finally learned to cut the amount of clothes I pack for a trip. I never admit that I return home with clothes that have never been on my body during that trip!  So I really cut down - still more than I had originally intended - but I got it all in ONE suitcase.  Yea me!


Marti said...

I am so envious! Hubby and I talk about a trip to Alaska all the time. Beat the heat AND go to a neat place. I know you'll enjoy it. Do you need Clyde's records before you leave? Rut roh.

Judy said...

Always wanted to go to Alaska--have a wonderful time!!!


north to Alaska.....