Monday, September 30, 2013

Fifty years!

There are still no pictures downloaded onto this computer, and I have a good reason.  This past weekend was my 50th high school reunion.

To prepare for this event,  I treated myself to new clothes for the weekend.  Usually I shop the clearance racks.  I hate to pay a lot for clothes.  But I wanted to be self-assured for this deal!  I still got a lot of bargains.  So all that was good,

Friday night was the mixer.  I found a few of my friends from high school.  We visited for a while, but overall most of those who were there weren't my good friends.  So we decided to pack it in after a couple of hours to eat.  That's when a good friend from the past found us in the restaurant.

Saturday was a full day.  I have often spoken and even shown pictures of my high school.  It is a beautiful campus    It was built in the depression years.  It is a Moroccan style with columns, painted plasters, tiles all located on a huge plot of land.  It was so much the same. We got to tour the school on Saturday morning.  Some modifications have been made to the school - and more are going to be happening due to safety reasons.  It was such a joy to be in those halls once again.

At lunch, the middle schools had reunions.  It was there I got to see some really old friends, but missed talking to some because I thought they would be at the dinner that night.  Of course, the bill for two would be $100.  But I did make a little contact, if only to know they are still alive.

The dinner was beautiful.  I was able to sit with the "girl" who was set to be my room- mate.  She ended up not going to that college, and I changed where I was going as well.  But it was so good to catch up with her and another of my friends.

When we were being seated they had playing, in the background, the school song, fight song, and a most favorite cheer (that I think is still being used today).  I had to fight tears, and had a huge urge to "salute"  as we did in the "pep squad" at the football games.

It was such fun.  Then on Sunday, before coming home, we met my matron of honor from my wedding.  She graduated a year ahead of me, so she wasn't at the reunion.  It was a good visit.

I was so struck by the different ways we have aged.  Some look the same, others I still don't believe their name tags!  Of course, I was worried about being there with all my extra pounds.  I imagined that everyone would still be slim and trims as they were in high school.  And, in fact, some were.  The really popular ones mostly were still slim.  But some were carrying as many extra pounds as I.  Of course, I shouldn't have stressed over it.  Let's face it - time (menopause et al) most often brings pounds.  And many of us have faced chemo.  That doesn't help.

And so now I am sitting here really wanting a 51st reunion.  I hope they plan, and have, a 55th if not one sooner.  It was such fun.


Marti said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. My 40th is next year and I kind of dread it. I remember the 30th and like you said, the popular ones were the ones who looked the same, still slim, no face wrinkles. Of course most of those in my class are also the ones with money, so maybe they had help. At least that's how I consoled myself.

JuJu said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend, so glad you were able to go and reconnect!

Judy said...

The nostalgia just gets to you, doesn't it? To stand and sing the school song, always brings a lump in my throat. I can almost see that young lady, with her long skirt and saddle shoes, walking down the hall, waiting for her football boyfriend to get done with showering so they could go to the sock hop. Ah yes--the years go by so fast!


that is the one bad thing about being a High School reunions..I went to 13 schools by Soph. year.