Friday, September 06, 2013


We are "gearing" up for our trip to Alaska.  We will be gone for 13 days, and as much as I really want to go, I am very apprehensive.

First of all - the airport.  I am not afraid of flying - even if we fly out on September 11.  I just hate, hate, hate the airport and TSA.  If this is being read by someone else who thinks I am a terrorist because of what I have just said, well LAX would tend to agree with you because of my experience 7 years ago when I, with the help of Chica TSA agent shut down the Continental gates.

I wrote about that then, but a thumbnail is that we took Lady Bug to Disney Land.  It ended up that her mom, dad and brother went too - so there were six of us on the plane.  When we left out bags at the curb and got boarding passes, we were only given 5.  I didn't know this until we were at the scanner - my belongings having already gone through.  I was last in line.  Guess who didn't have a boarding pass.  IF the girl at the steps - the first check point - had done her job rather than flirt with a guy standing there, we would have all been together (and I would have had my purse and everything in it with the exception of my ID) to go back to the idiot at curb side to get my boarding pass.

So that's how a 60+ year old grandmother with most of her entire family was able to shut down LAX.

I am not looking forward to going through all that mess on Wednesday.  Plus spending hours and hours in airports.  Not.  Looking. Forward. At. All.

My other apprehension is Clyde.  We (G) went against what we had said.  We were going to wait until we were back in October to adopt a dog - so that we didn't just get one only to board it.  I am worried about him, but it a way this timing may be better.  He is bonded to us, but not so much that he will simply pine away.

We are going to put him at our vet clinic.  I told them yesterday he was an escape artist, and I will need to remind them when we drop him off.  They will have to make special arrangements for him.

Of course, after last night - I am   not so sure how upset I would be.  He has completely destroyed his crate.  The bars at the bottom are bent in.  He has gotten out three or four times.  I didn't have any wire available last  night, and since I have several pairs of panty hose that I don't wear anymore, I tied the crate together with those.  But he became so anxious about being in the crate that I gave him a tranquilizer (thank you Simone for being an anxious traveler so that I have those meds on hand) at midnight.  At 6, he was back to chewing, scratching and panting.  I can't let him roam the house because he will chase the cat.  (and that was going to be another quality we wanted - a female who is cat friendly).

Right now, I am a very uneasy, very sleepy person.


Judy said...

I must have missed your post about adopting Clyde. Why did you, when you didn't want to before the trip? Why did you, when you wanted a female? Oh shucks--I know. Because he needed a home right then. I got it! I hear the cruises and trips to Alaska are just glorious, so.....hope it is good for you. I would love to go, but I will not fly and I can't drive all the way to Seattle.


Alaska? wow..can't wait for the pictures.

Marti said...

Well you little terrorist, you. I had no idea. lol

But I totally agree about the TSA. They ALWAYS pull me out for a special exam. I wonder if they have some kind of flag by my name that makes them pick me every time.

You are such a good person to keep Clyde. I think I would have shipped him back after the first crate escape.