Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sad, sad, sad

Last week I dropped my beloved Dell laptop.  It slipped from my fingers as I was getting ready to put it into its case.  It would never boot again.

So I went to O*fice D*pot looking for another laptop   While we were in Fairbanks, I did manage to get it to run some checks.  I got to the part where it was checking blocks.  Every 200 I got an e rror message.  I knew that all my files on it were gone.  All my Simone pictures, my recipe collection, vacation pictures - gone. The only thing I took off was my newly downloaded embroidery designs.  It is so easy to look back on things.  I am so sad right now.a

So rub salt into my wounds, the new computer runs on Windows 8.  A new keyboard and a new OS, this is simply too much for me!
The trip is really good though.  We have seen some moose,  and Beluga whales!  They are in the sound feeding on the salmon.  We have seen salmon spawning in a little roadside ditch!  We have perhaps seen Dall sheep HIGH up on the mountains.  I just want to see a bear! I promise I will begin uploading some pictures because this is so beautiful. I didn't take today's train however. I have seen so many mountains, glaciers, and the like. Yesterday about half the train did see a bear - going after a crew man. But today was going to be a lot of run-bys (folks get off the train with their cameras, tripods and so on to become animals about getting their spot to film the train running back by), and I was so hoping that I would get the word that Brandon at OD could migrate my old hard drive to this computer. But no - so I will take it home to see if someone in Houston can get my stuff back. Tomorrow we will get on the plane, and it is really time. So many things and places we have stayed are closing right after us!!!


Judy said...

I am sure there will be someone who can download everything off your hard drive on to the new one--I have had it done several times--every time I get a new computer.

JuJu said...

I can't wait to see all the photos. Travel safe!