Thursday, September 26, 2013

Still no pictures

I am still fighting working with Windows 8.   It has a lot of things like 7, and I wasn't really in love with 7.  I was so comfortable with XP.  I am  not sure about some of the quirks I have going on.  I don't know whether they are Windows 8, the computer, and/or the new Office 365.  Anyway, this is a steep learning curve.  I used to think I was pretty computer literate, but I have really been left in the dust now!

I have found an individual who tells me he probably can get the files off the Dell.  I am in a quandary.   There is a computer repair place near-by, and G took his computer there.  He was very pleased. I just don't know what I am going to do about that computer.  I so dearly want the files back.  There were pictures, my family trees that represent hours and hours of work.  Just so much.

I had downloaded and saved the embroidery designs.  They are all safe. Why in the heck I didn't deem the other files important, I have no idea.

Today is going to be busy.  I want two new outfits.  I don't need them, but I want them.  It will give me a boost in confidence this weekend at the 50th high school reunion.  I never lost the 30 pounds I wanted to.  That sounds typical doesn't it.  My wardrobe has fallen into the very casual category, and while this is "business casual" I really don't have anything that fits into that category.  So - spend more money!

This afternoon, Lady Bug plays her first volley-ball game.  She is, of course, on the A team and is a starter.  That is something that we just take as normal because she really has physical talent, and she is so driven.  She is totally a type A, and she doesn't accept anything else from herself.  That scares me.  I have seen to many of those kids.

I was going to DIL's this afternoon to take the trinkets we brought back.  Son didn't really like that.  He actually wants to see his parents, which is like him.  So we will go out for dinner with them.

 G doesn't like all this socializing.   He is turning into a hermit.  I really think he needs to see a specialist to do something for what I see as depression.  He is very different from 4 years ago.  In fact, I do not like the new person too much.  But I guess like all relationships and marriages, this does happen periodically.

So I won't get to working with pictures until  next week.  I got Photoshop downloaded, I have the problem with a program for my embroidery, and I got the family tree maker on the computer - just missing the families.  I need to find the CDs that I have at least some of the information stored on them.  I had been planning to re-join Ancestry anyway, so I can work on the data that way.

So busy, busy until Monday.  See ya' then!


Judy said...

I reloaded XP on my new computer and I reloaded Word 2003--because I know, understand and can work with those oldies. Gord is going through a typical post-retirement thingie. When women retire, we still have our housework and things we did when we worked. Men, if they don't have a hobby, have nothing to do when they retire. Their job was their life and now...nothing. He probably could use a anti-depressant to help him find joy in what the day brings.

Judy said...

Forgot--I know what you mean about Type A kids. When they fail--and they will sometime sooner or later--it takes them into a crash. They have succeeded in everything they do and BANG--it is hard for them to learn that the failed attempt is not something personal, but happens to everyone from time to time.