Monday, September 09, 2013

I DID forget to mention

I did forget to mention that we adopted Clyde - escape artist that he is and all.  Even though we will be leaving him for two weeks plus another weekend.

He went to the SSB with us.  We got to spend extended time with him.  It was his first time without Bonnie.  She went back to the rescue group.  He did well.  My grandson spent time with him and said that he really liked the dog, but I really think it was because his dad was talking the dog up so.  I don't think he really liked Clyde so much.

September 5 was the day Clyde was going to be picked up, so we needed to make the decision - before then.  So I emailed Ann.  She was thrilled.

It was then that the escape artist became the destroyer.  Almost as fast as I could crate him, he would be out.  I put him in Simone's hard-sided crate.  He became hysterical.

I didn't have wire cut and no plastic ties, so I used the panty hose that I don't wear anymore to tie the crate together .  He was still hysterical.

I went to one of the Petsomething stores to look at leashes - and crates while there.  I saw that they had a one year warranty.  SO - I got to thinking the piece of c*ap that I have tried to put Clyde in might have a one year warranty.  It was from Petotherthing store, but I managed to look at their brand on line.  What I discovered is that all of them - I don't care the brand - has a one year warranty.  With ONE exception - animal damage.

Now that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.  These yahoos sell these flimsy metal crates for an exorbitant price, and then it is made from such soft metal that a strong boxer can get out of it.  I have heard (reading the write-ups in the boxer rescue) of dogs destroying their crates. I couldn't believe it! Well - now I do.  It isn't so much the dog - it is the poor construction of the crate.

The one I have for him has two doors - bad design right there.  And the latches on these doors are very poor.  If you have ever put a crate together, they just basically "snap" together.  There are gaps everywhere.  They are certainly designed for the dog that is already crate trained and likes it.

The plastic ones do not allow the dog to see all around, and so a dog that doesn't like to be confined and not see - will panic.  I was really afraid he was going to hurt himself in there.  A crate that MIGHT work is the decorative one - with wood and all that looks like a piece of furniture.  But at $400 (on sale) I am not going to try it to see if it works.

So Clyde gets to remain out.  He isn't perfect.  He likes to get "toys" out of the trash cans - not food stuff, that is in the compactor that he can't get to.  He liked the packaging of G's insoles.  He liked the mailing envelope of a package I had gotten in the mail.  Yesterday he discovered a teddy bear that has sentimental value to me.  A student gave it to me, and she was so proud of giving me this HUGE bear;  I just have to keep it.   Clyde put it in the middle of the bed, but destroyed the red ribbon that was on it for Christmas.

All in all, he is a good dog.  He is gentle with the smaller grandchildren.  He doesn't bark a lot, only occasionally.  His bladder must be the size of Texas and Alaska put together.  And we are all getting to know one another a lot better.

I really feel he is a good fit all told.

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JuJu said...

Well, congratulations on your newest baby! I can't wait to read about the adventures of Clyde!