Sunday, September 01, 2013


This is a secret.  I should be ashamed, but I am not.  I just" unfriended"  G on Facebook.  When you boil it all down, we have the same political views,  religious views, and so on.  He has just become a radical.  He and my son are just alike - but on different sides of the isle.  But they are just as radical.  Think family dinners aren't fun??  We have banned any political or religious subjects on Sunday nights.

But as to me "unfriending" him.  He is always on these radical sites, then posts that cr*b on his facebook page (and it's not crib or crab - that star could give a lot of meanings I saw when I looked at it.)  I do not want to have to shift through all that.  I wish others would do like I did!  My son used to be bad, but he as stopped so many posting.  Several family members were ready to "unfriend" him too!

IN OTHER NEWS.  Our remote on U-verse died last night.  So I changed the batteries  just to be sure.  I tried to go on line then because I knew it was dead and we needed a new one.  What a farce.  The ATT website is just as bad as talking to them - which I got to do later - for over an hour.

All that time I was thinking - just send me a new remote for goodness sakes!  But I got to interact with their computer robot on problem solving the dead remote.  That meant talking to it a total of three times.  It also meant missing most of "Hell on Wheels" and messing us the recording of Dr Pol.  I elected for them to reboot the receiver rather than me do it - so there went my programs.

Finally I was directed to a real, live person.  But only after a looooooooooooong wait.  Then - we ordered a new remote - that will be shipped by UPS with approximate arrival here of FIVE days.  For Pete's sake, where is it coming from?  So I took the one from the bedroom to bring in here, put fresh batteries in the TV only remote, and we are in business - sort of.

DOG NEWS:  Clyde does not like to be in a crate when we are gone.  He will stay in it when it's bedtime, but he has destroyed  my $100+ crate.  Friday we went for pedicures, hair cuts, get my birthday present that goes on my sewing machine, and lunch.  We opened the door - and Clyde greeted us at the door.

G us famous for his temper tantrums, and shared one last night about Shadow, the baby gates, and Clyde.  So basically, the cat and the dog have pretty much free range of the house - except at bedtime.  So far, there has only been a little interest - which is what sparked the temper tantrum.  Shadow sashayed into the den, right under a sleeping Clyde on the couch.  I freaked out!  Then the temper tantrum.  So ..

That brings us to today.  We put Clyde in the crate.  We left for church, then lunch.  We opened the door, and you can fill in the rest.  Except this time, I don't think there is any repairing the crate.  That dog is strong.  I can't pull the wires to straighten them out.  Plus, I don't know how he got all that dog through that little opening.

That leaves me with Simone's big plastic crate - like those used on airplanes and the like.  Don't know what will happen there!

And so such is life here in the suburb of Swampland!


Judy said...

As I read the first part of your post, I just laughed right out loud. My second husband and I shared the same political leanings--he however on the radical end and me the more moderate. Glad we didn't have Face Book back then, but he wrote a lot of Letters to the Editor and my step-mother got the same newspaper and always had to tell me her opinion of his writing--with which I agreed with her wholeheartedly! The guy was a super intelligent IDIOT!!!

JuJu said...

heh heh heh. You unfriended him. that makes me giggle, as does Judy's post above! You crazy gals.