Thursday, September 12, 2013

Made it

I may have made it to Alaska, but I am pretty sure I would never make it to Europe or Australia.  The six and a half hour flight from Chicago just about did me in.  By the time we were almost here, I was wondering if I was going to become one of those unruly passengers that is banned from flying - or at least taken away someplace after landing the plane.

I was so miserable I could cry - and we were in  Business Class which means that rather than the 17 inch seats with 6 inches of leg room, we had 17 1/2 inch seats with 12 inches of leg room.  Oh yes, and we had the leather seat that resembled a recliner chair.

We had to lay-over in Chicago.  Now - I love Chicago.  O'Hare, not so much.  We thought we wouldn't have to change planes.  Well, that wasn't true.  Not only change places, we had to change terminals too.   My luggage consisted of the travel tote (Vera Bradley that daughter and DIL gave me for my birthday -so I had to use it so feelings weren't hurt), computer bag (with various other things besides the computer), and my rolling bag.  You  notice the "rolling bag" came last.  That's  because it was checked.  When I packed, I
thought - OK - all this other stuff goes on the rolling bag and all is well.  Changing terminals - it wasn't OK.  
But I became super trooper and bullies my way all the way across two terminals to get from the landing gate to the departure gate.

I haven't seen  much of Anchorage yet, but what I saw from the airport is really beautiful.  I have pictures of the mountains that we flew over on my cell phone - the only camera I had in my possession.  I have to email them to myself, and then I will post them.

I can post pictures of what most would consider a problem here.  Only one is a real problem.  The train isn't because after last year when we discovered sound machines in Savannah, I have one.  The bathroom one - without a big argument and all, there is nothing I can do about that.   I have lived with it for 45 years now, and it ain't gonna' change.
 You will notice there is not much remaining room.  Nothing thee is mine.  When I brush my teeth - I have to balance everything on the front part of the counter.  All my "stuff" is out in my suitcase until I need it.   Fortunately I used the little make-up remover cloths that are packaged.
   That is the train we will be taking to Fairbanks tomorrow.  We are across the street from the station.  That means a lot of train traffic.  Come to find out, we are not the only ones with the convention staying here!  Wonder why?

Pay no attention to the dates on the pictures.  I changed batteries, and didn't change the date.  I need to remember to do that.


Jeanette said...

Have a wonderful vacation! Alaska is on my bucket list!

Judy said...

I have always wanted to go to Alaska, but I wanted to drive up through the Canadian Rockies and the AlCAN highway and then up into Alaska. That, of course, was 100 years ago. Now I would have to have a nice train and boat ride--lots of room--good bed--doctor nearby, just in case. Enjoy all of it you can!!!

JuJu said...

Oh, I'm so glad you made it safely. Now, relax and enjoy the gorgeous beauty!


hope the rest of your trip is better than that.