Thursday, August 23, 2012


Busy, busy times!  I had the oldest three grandkidlets yesterday.  Even they are getting older, it can be tiring to have them most of the day.  I guess I have gotten set in my ways, and any change upsets the chi (or what ever ) around here.

Don't get me wrong, but there was just a change in things.  I had gone to the grocery the day before to first of all get food for those darling little locusts, and secondly to have something for them to do.  Cookies are always a winner for something to do.  Since I am supposed to have some sweet for Sunday, I thought this would be a winner all the way around.

So just the girls wanted to do cookies.  My druthers would have been for the oldest two of them to do them, but Monkey Boy was too interested in some horrible thing on Di*ney.

Doodle Bug was given the task of putting the sugar on top of the cookies.  I really believe I have more sugar on the floor than ever went on the cookies.  That activity lasted about 45 minutes.  So now what?

LB decided they should build a leggo village together.  I was afraid there would be blood!!  They did amazingly well.  They played for quite a while.

I thought every kid liked hot dogs.  Well, no!  The little ones only ate a bit, and Monkey was going to spend the remainder of the afternoon eating pretzels.  He was just mindlessly gobbling them down.  Now I know why childhood obesity if such a problem.  Laying in front of the TV mindlessly eating some snack.

But it really was all good.  And I slept like a log - at least a log like I sleep.  I only woke a few times for a few minutes.

Today I had an appointment with the regular ophthalmologist.  I don't know if this time I have true glaucoma or not, but I am back on drops.  I had been on them several years ago before it was found that I have thickened corneas that cause higher pressures.

When I went to her four weeks ago about the cataracts - that turned into macular degeneration - my pressures were very high.  So - I am back on the drops to bring the pressures down.  Well - I will have pretty eyelashes because this is that drug!!    


JuJu said...

Oh, I like that side effect!

It sounds like you had a lovely day with the little ones. Did you end up having enough cookies for Sunday?

Grandma K said...

JuJu I forgot to add that about the cookies - we have about 4 left!!!

Marti said...

Oh I don't like to hear that about glaucoma, but I agree, the side effects are nice. My eyelashes are barely stubs now.

judemiller1 said...

I think we have become use to a fairly quiet household and when the grands arrive, it is so much noise and movement that it tires us out.