Thursday, August 09, 2012

What a difference

The vision in my left eye has been poor at best since the aneurysm that I had that was "fixed" in 2006.  When the poor vision progressed to where it was yesterday, I didn't really think much of it.  Even though the Ophthalmologist told me to check the little grid daily and call her immediately if I noticed a change in my vision - when I really couldn't see the lines, I didn't realize something was wrong.

So I had "the injection" yesterday.  While I still am not really to read letters and the like there is more light coming in.  Driving before was really scary.  I really couldn't see at any distance.  The last time we went to the SSB we took Daughter's old truck up to be a farm truck and live out its days there.  So since we needed a way home - I drove the Toyota.  It was quite a tense trip.

Today we took the Toyota to have its fluids changed, and I followed in the truck since we never know how long it may take our mechanic.  Plus I get something that is the biggest luxury in life - breakfast at a restaurant!  Driving was so much better.

I am going to be hopeful here and think that with the change after one injection and one day, that perhaps I won't really have to be doing this every month.  If I do, oh well.  But it would be nice to not have my eye "jacked" with every month.  It still feels gritty!!

In other things, I was really worried about Simone yesterday.  We changed her food to one that is organic and the like.  She has been losing hair (for years) to the point where I am afraid we will have a hairless boxer.  She has been on a low fat food that is also meant for diabetic dogs for so many years, and I just decided that a change was in order - hopefully to re-grow hair. I know I haven't regrown my hair since chemo, but it was a little sparse before, and my dog doesn't need to give me moral support in that way.

I also was going to give her some treats after she takes her "old lady pills" for incontinence, her glucosamine, and Prevacid.  I thought I was buying a good one.  I bought Milo's Kitchen chicken bits.  Yesterday there was a post that the chicken jerky had been been recalled.  It is made in China.  I looked at her chicken bits and while it isn't jerky, it is also made in China.  And of course she chose yesterday to act like a child refusing to eat all of her breakfast.  She will do this, but with the two things together I was really afraid I had killed my dog!

Fortunately she is well today!  I can see today more than yesterday.  All's right in my world.


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JuJu said...

I am so happy that today was a better day for you and for Simone!