Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Report on the day

Lunch was great!  I wish I could have enjoyed it more had I not been to nervous about the afternoon activities.  We went to my favorite restaurant (at least one of my favorites) that we haven't been to since we were there with the Toy still having paper plates and Bimbette hitting us.

Now on the the big event of the day!  My eye.  And what did you do for the afternoon of August 8 - why get my eyes dilated (again) and have a needle shoved into the left eye.

Talk about nervous.  It seemed like we were there for days when in actuality it was only about an hour and fifteen minutes.  The last bit was the worst, as you would imagine.

When I was finally taken back to THE room, after all the instructions and warnings I was given, I was ready to bolt out the door.  No pool.  If pain that won't stop, severe reaction to light, bleeding - call immediately.

The Betadine will irritate the eye for several hours - no kidding.  But the needle is tiny - couldn't prove it by me.  Yes, the eyeball was numb, but pressure could be felt and was strange.  Pain? Really none.  Could I feel the needle - yes, the pressure that my brain screamed that it was supposed to hurt.

Right now (almost three hours post injection) I feel like someone washed my eye out with Dove.  It is irritated by the Betadine.  Pain?  Not really, but it did hurt right afterward and for the hour I decided to put myself in the dark bedroom.  While I know my vision will never be perfect - ever, the vision is a little cleared.  That is unbelievable.

I go back next week for a check  to look for infection.  I plan to ask if the aneurysm that was treated in 2006 was a precursor of this Wet Macular Degeneration.  After all the hallmarks of this disease are the growth of blood vessels in the retina that disturb vision and cause blindness.  I dodged the bullet when I had laser treatments on that aneurysm, and I am hoping for something near it with this.  But it is a loooong road.  These injections will be once a month for a while with the hopes of extending them to perhaps every quarter - I hope.

But I lived through it!  Now I am getting hungry!


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JuJu said...

Well done Grandma K, you didn't bolt out of the chair and kill the doctor! I'm so glad you're already seeing some improvement. I hope things continue down that path.

Now, did you discuss Sister with the pastor??? :-)