Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not a good change

A few months ago, we changed what we thought was only our cable service and internet from C*m*ast to U-v*rse.  What a mistake!  We have only had trouble with the service.

The time before this time, the service waited until the end of  a mystery move we were watching.  All of the sudden, the picture pixulated and froze several times.  That was a disaster.  I did all that I knew to do, but it stayed like that for the rest of the night and into the next morning.

We called that night, and we got a fellow in India who knew what to do - at least we thought so.  We were able to watch the news without a problem - but that wasn't the end of the movie!!

The next morning, as I said it was back.  We called, and a technician was sent out. I was amazed.  He worked on it, and even gave us his number to call him if it wasn't fixed.

Now I know how that works.  Son works for the Land Line part.  They give marks if the customer calls the company back.  So they try really hard to please, and want to be the ones called if there was a problem.  Anything to keep the company happy!

So other than a minor glitch, we haven't had the problem - until last night at the END of "Rizzoli and Isles" it did it again, and it has been impossible to watch anything today.  Which means I so wanted to watch "The Chew" today because it was a tribute to Julia Childs.   Now that's another story.

So I called.  They got the technicians out fast!  They are still working, but I know when this contract is up, I will go back to the C!  I will be like one of their commercials - crying to the installer that I am so glad I was back and so stupid to leave.

I know we watch too much tv, but when you are old, and it's hot - tv is the choice for us!




every time I have to call AT&T Babs says 'remember, don't let them talk you into U-verse.

JuJu said...

GK!!! You are watching "The Chew?" I am STILL boycotting!! :-)

I am so sorry you've had problems. I sure hope you found out the end of that mystery movie???