Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Busy (scary) day

Later today I will be at the Retinal Specialists.  I will be getting the first of what will be many injections in my left eye for the macular degeneration that is there.  When I first watched the little video clip about this - prior to my diagnosis - I really squirmed.  Not I am really scared.  Before I left the office last week I was assured that my eye would be deadened very well.  Yeah - deadened, but I will still be awake and aware of a needle coming to my eyeball!

Before that will be having lunch with Pastor.  Don't know what will come from this.  I know we will discuss shirts for our Women's group.  And speaking of the group, we took our "Noisy Offering" for our group that ministers to the girls.  People really had a lot of spare change.  The cans were heavy!  We also gave them the fleece blankets and crocheted hats.  Quite a haul for them.

So - need to prepare for this ordeal.  I'll let you know - that is if I am not on some sort of restrictions for a while.


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holy crap...I'd run down the hall screaming.