Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We're back - and to a mess

It was a fairly quiet weekend at the SSB. G shot a doe, and he is finished until it is Spike season. We have some mighty long spikes running about. Those will never sprout a full blown rack, and they are three or four years old. We don't want them entering the breeding there. That will mean none of the bucks will have any horns.

I forgot to check the home voice mail Sunday afternoon/evening. It was our renters. They had a sewage backup. I found the message Monday morning, and began calling. We had to leave the house, so that meant cell phone. We had cell phone + hills = no service.

Before we left, I got the voice mail of the renter. I left a message. On the road, I finally got the plumber in Llano. I kept calling the renter and leaving messages.

I got home, and renter called. She is really not the sharpest knife in the drawer! She hesitated, and I asked if they had gotten with the plumber, and had it come to fix the problem. No - she just got home. That phone was at home. She sees I have called multiple times. So talking top the plumber. She said they did a stop gap - the sewage is flowing into the back yard. Gasp!!

Then the way she does things, she adds that the heater "isn't putting out a lot of hot air." Ok - I gave her the HVAC people's number to call. She calls it in that evening as an emergency. That is an additional $78 thank you very much!

I am going to send an email, as I promised, but with all my numbers, not the contractors numbers as I had said before. They were so concerned before signing the lease that we would just enter the property without notice. I was trying to respect their privacy. So I have tried to let them schedule meeting with the contractors. Well that is OVER. I am no longer careful about their privacy except to give them notice. You either be there at that time or I will. Simple. Like the apartments do it.


Marti said...

Ouch! Wonder why she waited so long to call the HVAC? I've never been a hands on landlord; we used a RE company the only time we ever leased out our house, but I think you are right to schedule things yourself. It's your money.

Oh btw, my Hubby isn't always accepting of my ideas, in fact, seldom. Most of the time he dismisses what I say, and then someone else will have the same idea and he thinks it's a great idea. I have pointed that out to me numerous times. But yes, he can do the work, and will. I'd like to do more of the building but we really don't work well together.


oh man..I wouldn't want to be a landlord