Thursday, December 09, 2010

And so here I sit.

It is 3:36 in the afternoon. That means only a few more hours of daylight, which brings me to another strangeness in nature - like why don't we have day light savings now if we absolutely have to have it. But that is another day's musings.

I managed to put out the little trees that had lost their stakes. I thought I was so smart when I bought "All-in-One Light Stakes." No - didn't work. They are standing like drunks in the front flower bed. If I get my brains together and find the camera, I will get their pictures before I make another attempt.

I had lunch with DIL, Son, and kidlets. We had a great time. I also found they have the stretchy "ribbon" to make the little head bands for infant girls. My first stop didn't have any, but I went on. I also got some more lights for the outside bushes too. That is why I am bemoaning the amount of daylight. Is it moving me to action, well you can tell!!

My niece sent DIL and Daughter emails through their Facebook pages (gah - she could use their REAL emails or duh, call on the phone)about MIL's 90th birthday. She suggested Dec 26, 29, or Jan 2. She doesn't have to travel - they do. Plus, the 29th is a workday for Son.

I know Daughter isn't just too excited about the whole thing. She remembers all the shuns by MIL at holidays before as it is. She also remembers MIL giving me a huge box full of her children's pictures, then at the 88th birthday asking why Daughter doesn't give her pictures. Anyone got a clue???

So I have played all day. We are off tomorrow for the SSB. When I get back on Tuesday, I have an appointment for another round of injections. I was going to cancel, but I think I have hurt something again. I don't know how that could happen since I put up the tree - alone. What a puzzle!

Hope you are enjoying the season! At least I hope it is a good one since most of the time this year things are not always pleasant.

Peace be with you.



I think Daylight savings time should be all year round.but no one listens to me about anything. Why did I get old and wise to have no one pay any attention to me.?..sigh*
thanks for stopping by and saying Howdy...I will blog roll you and come back and visit again.


ps..I added you to my prayer list.

Marti said...

I have just been thinking about Daylight Savings Time too. Seems like without it, we are driving into the sun to go to work and get off work just in time to drive into the sun again. If they had just left it with DST, we could at least drive home before the sun went down.