Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A bit of this and a touch of that

Daughter and I did the little craft show here in the city. Every year there are more vendors, and the take is small. My cards were the hit this year. I think they would have sold last year, but I was getting out of the hospital the day that was rescheduled. Since it was after Christmas, I doubt they would have sold either.

We did not sell a single wreath. They are beautiful. In fact, we sold eight cards, a sleep mask and two girls coins purses. What a waste of five hours on a cold Sunday afternoon.

I went to a craft show on Saturday. That started my back hurting. Setting up yesterday almost killed me. My back was screaming. So much for me not having the injection next week. I am not as well as I thought.

I decided the only way for any relief was a hot bath. I cannot kneel. I have to kneel to get out of the tub. So I thought I would bring a pillow. After the water was out, I put in the pillow. It wasn't going to work well. So I managed to maneuver to get out. I wasn't going to be known as the old fat lady who had to be hauled out of the tub. Not in this little city! Not on your life. It wasn't a pretty picture, but I got out!

Best news of all is my machine is ready. It is earlier than I thought, even though it is too late for this craft show. I will make some things for the grandkids now. Such is life.

Simone may have cancer. It is something that boxers are prone to. She had a bit place on her head. The vet did a quick biopsy this morning. The cells didn't look cancerous, and she has one little place with the big one. They are mostly in a circle - with one outside the circle - a little way out. G met a boxer that lives on the corner who does have that cancer - a mast cell cancer. He is ten, and this is killing him. So we just have to wait and see.

Enough rambling. My hydrocodone dosn't have any effect on me, does it. I feel just the way I have been writing. Ohhh bad. I will try to be more with it tomorrow!

Peace be with you.

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