Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas decorating - again.

Wasn't it last week we took all that junk down? Are you sure? It seems like I just got it all put away. Maybe that's because I really did.

Anyway, if I don't get it out and up today, there won't be much sense in doing it at all. After a round of swearing and shouting (accompanied by some hurt feelings on my part), the Christmas tree was brought into the house. Right now it sits between the den and the entry hall. it is still in its body bag. Really that's what its bag looks like. So I need to get it out, and determine which strings of the pre-lit part are out.

Then I need to get the lights for the outside in the bushes. At least Lupe, out yard guy, has trimmed the bushes so they look nice. I have a garage full of yard art, but no one helps me put it out. I am not going to put my back into spasms by doing it. I know my limits at 65. It has taken me quite a while to learn this lesson, but I finally have. Of course, I have the scars and residual problems from the learning.

Yesterday I had to drive 30 miles to get my sewing machine. It was ready far earlier than I thought. I began looking for wreath holders. I couldn't find any. If I were not, I would have been falling over them. Since I want not one buy two, they are not around anywhere. I will continue my search tomorrow when I meet DIL and kidlets for lunch.

After doing all that, I will disappear into the upstairs void to work on things I wanted for the craft fair. I keep thinking if I outfit all the kidlets, someone will fall in love with the things and just have to have a copy. I wish my machine had been working, or I wish I could trust the little Brother not to eat the cards, so I could have made more Christmas cards. I had planned to not only have the Stella designs (she is like the Maxine character). I wanted to make some more traditional ones as well. Best laid plans and all that!

I have managed to waste enough time here. I have babbled on and on. Just a jumble of letters here. I hope you have all your things done. At least I have 99% of the shopping done.

Peace be with you.

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Cheyenne said...

Let's see...I have not decorated yet other than bells in the front window and something on the front door. No tree yet, no lights outside, no cleaning, no cookies made yet. I think I should get started maybe.