Monday, July 19, 2010


Thats how my mind feels today. I am still battling this computer. I downloaded an embroidery software. Then I got a message to register within five days or the whole thing would basically self destruct. So being the little compliant person I am, I tried. Did. Not. Connect. With. Anything. I even tried to connect manually to no avail. Now I have to (try) to print it and fax it. More computer/fax machine-printer wars around here. Run for the hills. "Blue language" will be coming from this house.

In another facet of my weekend: Saturday, I decided that I would continue with most of the PT workouts plus add the bicycle that has been collecting dust and bits of clothing. I did all the warm up, found the bike under all the bits and pieces it held, and blew off the dust. I wiggled the plug and it came on. Yea! A novelty. I think I am going to have to get another bike because I cannot make it work most of the time. Wait, doesn't this sound like a familiar refrain around this house??? Anyway, it worked while I got 2/3 of the settings done, and then it died again. I wasn't going to let that stop me. Just the movement would be great, so I set off. I rode that sucker for 20 minutes until the saddle was hurting. So I stopped.

Sunday I was so sore I wanted to cry. The old nemesis sciatica fit me - hard. My body ached (literally) for a hot bath. There is no way I can get into the bath tub yet. DIIL was asking Wiggle Worm if he was ready for a bubble bath last night after dinner. I would have loved a bubble bath, but the water keeps overflowing the sides of the tub while I try to get it up to the shower chair level! Ba-dum!

And dinner ... What can I say except to say I was about to leave as soon as we got there. Daughter must have had PMS. Let's put it off to that, and not that she is turning into a royal b*tch.
We were going to celebrate Doodle Bug's birthday early. G and I got there a bit early - to get the best parking place. She was on a tear then.

Monkey Boy had his Star Wars legos out. They are easily taken apart. I advised him to take them to his room. He did before WW got there. When 18mo old Wiggle Worm and parents arrived - he came back down with those legos. I repeated what I had advised, and I got my head bitten off. Needless to say, I was subdues the remainder of the evening. The tension by all was felt strongly.

Doodle Bug opened her presents. I got her three Zhu Zhu pets. He mom got her some kind of baby doll with a thousand "doctor's" pieces, and she got a couple of other things. Wiggle Worm was interested in those toys. So there was war there.

Dinner was finally served and gulped down. A little conversation went on afterward until we finally sang "Happy Birthday," shoved a cupcake down our throats and left. Oh the tension. It was still there. I just am not sure about more Sunday dinners. They do it because of me I think. I may have to put an end to such fun!

So that was my whirlwind of a weekend. Oh - just in - the damages to the truck equal $1700. I didn't see any damage at first. The impact was on the left - the damage on the right.

Peace be with you.

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Judy said...

Yikes--about Sunday. Don't like that feeling of tension floating around--thick on the air. Are these monthly Sunday dinners? Maybe change it to every other month?