Friday, July 23, 2010


Well it wasn't that much of a rip off, but it really was. At least we got a kiss before the _______ (you fill in the blank). There were refreshments, and a free design disc as well as a drawing for prized. As per my usual luck, I dropped my drawing ticket somewhere. I put it my pocket - along with my pen. I guess when I was trying to make my mind over a $700 design software purchase, that little ticket jumped out of my pocket. I wonder if someone picked it up - and won!

The things I went to was a presentation by a machine embroidery software person. I didn't have anything else to do, so I went. I was pretty sure I would learn something, and it
got me out of the house. When you interact with a year old cat that thinks biting it the best thing in the world and an 8 year old boxer who sleeps in her crate all day except for breakfast and perhaps a potty break or do the occasional barking when someone rings the bell or knocks.

So I got there, and for a change the handicapped parking was closer than some of the regular parking. I knew I was in trouble. I went in and paid Cynthia my ten bucks. I asked if she hadn't gotten many to reschedule their session. She called me and asked if I would come 4 - 6 pm. Nope! She said a lot didn't change their session and some just showed up without registering.

So I began looking for a seat. We were in the regular showroom. Boy, if someone was coming to buy a machine, vacuum or other accessories, they were out of luck! It looked like all the seats were
taken, and then I spotted a few. I took one, and later found I was sitting close to another club member. She looked familiar ans said she hadn't been to club in a long time.

The lady from the software company (the sister of the owner) began showing items that had been embroidered. They were breath taking, but I noticed that most were quilts. I don't quilt, and I don't want to quilt. She did give me a good hint if I decided that I just must make a quilt.

Then we were going to do a "project." I wondered how 50+ people were going to get a machine to do this project. Then the way came out. We counted off in numbers from 1-6. Then we went to the machine area that matched "our number." I went to the $8000 commercial machine. Would I love to have that machine? Do bears ____ in the woods. I would LOVE that machine, but I would love to have a bathroom updated for that amount too!

Before the break, we were told about the "Diamond Club." For a mere $700/year we could have blah, blah, blah. I really considered it, all the time thinking of the 6000+ designs I have downloaded - free. I went to look at the $59 designs. I didn't find ANYTHING I liked. I had two that the shop had already discounted - that I have never used.

There was a $29 set that I really liked. There was another I kinda liked, but it was 3 for 2. Well ... I couldn't pass up a deal, right?? I had a really tough time finding three of those I just couldn't live without. I either previously bought the similar designs from another digitizer, or I had downloaded many that were also like the set - I just recently put those into sets.

Was my $10 original investment worth it. Yes. I got out and socialized with real, live people. I also learned that the club meeting I will miss is something I can do pretty well. I spent another $90. I bought two design sets (got the 3rd free, and I am not sure all of it will fit my hoops), some stabilizer that is supposed to be good for clothing, and spray adhesive. The one I had been using was $15 for a little, teeny can. This is the size of a regular spray can for $22. We'll see how it does.

Now I am going to try out the ONE design set that I really wanted, other than the one that won't come out until August. It is cute, cute, cute!!! This was time well spent.

Peace be with you>


Judy said...

well I am glad you had fun at least.

In regards to the handicap parking--isn't it amazing that sometimes they are further away from the entrance then regular parking? Haven't been able to figure out that reasoning for the last year--I have had my handicap parking car tag.

Susan Adcox said...

You had better post pictures when you finish the design that you really wanted. I want to see cute, cute, cute!