Thursday, July 08, 2010

What a day

It has been quite a day. I really don't want to relive it either.

Years ago, G was driving the blue truck we bought from Son, and gave back to Son. Confusing, but that's our family. We pass things like trucks and tables around - we are weird. Anyway, one evening G came home and told me he had a fender bender. Well it bent his grill guard, but the car wasn't as lucky. It was at a yield sign to merge into other traffic on the freeway feeder. He thought the car in from had gone on, but it hadn't. So blue truck meets rear of car. Not so good. But G was lucky the guy in the car didn't want to pursue anything. Probably he didn't have insurance nor a drivers license.

Today was sewing club. I weighed going or not. I missed last month when they made some real progress on the sewing machine cover project. I had not even been able to make the things at home that we were supposed to do. But I really want to finish that project because it is just so darn cute. So I went. I also took my "show and tell." We didn't get to do that part so I decided to leave at 12 instead of 12:30. I thought it would be nice to get home a little early.

The plot thickens here. I just read that Mercury is in retrograde. Perhaps that's the cause of this or I was just stupid. I got to the intersection where I needed to turn. There was a Tahoe in front of me. The light turned red, and there were three cars leaving the mall parking lot. They passed. Way back was another car. I thought I could go on. Nope. The Tahoe was still there. So I hit her rear.

There is bumper damage to the Tahoe and the back quarter panel was bent to that the tail light won't stay in. At today's prices, I'm sure that will run at least $2000.

We both have the same insurance. She was insistent that we call right then after the police left. Now that I think about it, she remarked that she was surprised I didn't get a ticket. I think the policeman knew that, yes I did hit her from the rear, but perhaps she could have gone on too. Anyway, she took her vehicle to the repair shop and got the rental car that was awaiting her. I was told that out insurance rate would probably rise. And this being the first and only accident I have ever had. Great.

As for my truck. All I can say is grill guards do their thing. It may have to be pulled out, but ... I think there still would have been damage to the other car, but not so much to mine. That makes me feel much better riding those dirt roads around the SSB. Should a deer decide to commit suicide, we will probably be drivable.

So - the despised accident causer will sign off for a while. Shawna, I have problems leaving you a message in particular, so if I don't you'll know why. We are off to the SSB until Tuesday. Don't know what kind of reception I'll get on the air card. Might let you know about Round Up if it works!

Peace be with you.


Marti said...

Oh no. I assume both you and the other driver are ok though? With everything you've been through with your knees, that's pretty important. Good truck to protect those knees!

Susan Adcox said...

I'm really impressed that this is the only accident that you've ever had!

Judy said...

Well--just great! Here in Michigan you WOULD have received a ticket for not having your vehicle under control. Happens even if you hit ice and run into someone.

Hope you can relax up at SSB.