Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Finally home

Our trip to the SSB was really uneventful. I rode with daughter and the kids. The kids were really excellent. She owns the troop carrier now, and there is really more room in that big old F250. I realize it each time we pack up to go ourselves.

We were to meet SIL at the airport in Austin. His place was due to land about 1:30. I thought there would be some kind of foul up. G (which is the first letter of grouch!) was to meet him in our truck. I just knew something would go wrong. Having him come in from California in itself could cause all sorts of things, but it didn't.

We stopped at a Sonic just south of Austin on the way for lunch and to let the kids get out and move around. We stayed there just long enough. We headed on to meet just outside of Austin. The plane landed right on time, but there was a big storm that hit us while we were eating. That could have caused a delay, but it didn't!

So on Saturday, we loaded up to set up for Round Up. We got set up, and things were arranged well. About the only sales were the neck coolers. Had it not been them, it would have been a real bust. The purses that I ordered that I thought would sell, didn't. I have made the decision that next year, if we are there, it will be a spectators for the parade and the Donkey Race. I am not selling next year. Not worthwhile.

The rest of the weekend was peaceful. The kids were really good the entire time. Doodle Bug was a typical three year old, but not to the extreme.

We stayed an extra day so that we could have the HVAC checked. It was fine. No charge.

We got the repairman out for the dishwasher. He didn't want to make that trip since we are 37 miles from town on a rough dirt (rock) road. His basic fee was $100. I thought there would be a $2/mile charge, but I didn't see it.

G was going to just buy another one. I wasn't against it. I really thought we just had a lemon. When I bought it - LAST YEAR - I bought a medium one. So with all this trouble I really thought it was a lemon. I made G do it because there were veiled accusations that since SIL had to install it, that somehow broke the thing - I guess. I refused to do anything about getting a new one. I had the problem last year, and what we have was the best I could do.

Well, I'm off the subject again. The repairman showed up. He opened the control - like our hunter did last hunting season. I thought there was a loose wire in that for sure. When the repairman finished, he held up a yellow wire nut. That was the problem. It wasn't allowing a good connection in the wiring we had to Jake leg because we didn't know to keep the power cord since they don't come with them. Fair enough! That little thing cost $123. That would have been the fee for them to send out an installer last year, and it would have been days later.

So there you have it. I thumbnail sketch of our weekend. I began the week today using my Medicare card the first time - to have blood work done. By the way, I think there might of been about seven people ticked at me. Last night I went on line. The first appointment I could get was 9:10. That was great for me. I picked up my orders from the doctor's office, walked down the hall, registered at the lab, and barely had time to sit down before I was called - ahead of all those folks. Call for an appointment people!

Peace be with you.

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Susan Adcox said...

I'm sorry you had a less-than-profitable sale. I think people are still really watching their money, but it's been so hot that anything to keep cool is a hit!