Monday, December 21, 2009

What a Sunday!!

We began our day in a normal, peaceful way. We went to Daughter's church because the kids were in the Christmas play. I thought I was going to have to hog-tie G. But, he got over it. They did a great job. Not that I am prejudiced or anything.

Later Daughter and I went to see "Precious." We both read Push, the book it is based upon. We knew what we were in for as far as the language and violence. We both thoroughly enjoyed the movie - if that's what how you want to phrase it. The acting was wonderful. The subject matter is another thing, but these things happen to girls.

What really surprised us was this woman came in to the movie with a little girl not more than ten and another little girl about two. The part of the movie where she entered was some of the worst language, and it went on for a long while. I simply could not believe she brought her children to this movie. It is definitely not a children movie. I really don't understand some people these days. I was very uncomfortable for those girls.

The movie was a good time for us - part of Daughter's 36th birthday celebration. Best of all, it cost us nothing because I had passes from my dentist. His hygienist was ill, and they didn't call me before I got there. It wasn't a problem anyway. The dentist is just right here. G had a gift card that we used for two drinks ($9.50 worth). She drives a company vehicle, so we didn't even pay for gas!

All hell broke loose when I got home however. I walked in, talked about the movie a bit, and G asked "Is the generator still running??" I said apparently, but our neighbors have power. This is about 5:15. We were to meet the rest of the family at 6:15 for dinner. He had been sitting for two hours with the generator running. The problem was OURS! We called the utility company. They did come out - about the time we were leaving. The generator company had me leave messages. The utility company said the problem was ours; we had service. Something was not letting the generator switch back to local power.

We went on to dinner with the generator humming away. I really felt bad for the neighbors, but hopefully since it was cold (for us, I know!!!) hopefully they had their windows closed. It ran all night. I will say, it was kind of neat though. We know it will run the house - at least what we were using for the night. And the motor isn't really that loud. Now in the still of a post hurricane night, that may be a different story for the neighbors. We will just have to provide refrigerator space and ice to make up for things!

This morning, the guy whose "emergency number" I called and left a message, said I didn't do those things, but he sent a crew anyway. They got here about 10 this morning. So we used about 20 hours of natural gas to run our lights. The repairman gave me his card with his direct number. I hope we never need it.

All turned out ok, but for a while there, I wasn't sure. The repairman said he would try to get the company to pick up some of the gas bill, but that really isn't that big a thing. I'm sure it will be about $40, but we now know more about that nice little chest that is nestled behind our garage and keeps the home fires burning!


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