Sunday, December 06, 2009


Here it is 11:54 am. on Sunday December 6. I should be looking for a parking place up at the park so I can be setting up my booth. But here I sit at the breakfast room table.

I really thought the powers that be would cancel this whole shindig. It is in the 40's, overcast and drizzling. We had real snow all over the place day before yesterday. It seems that Holiday in the Park is going on without me. I called to withdraw. I don't think there will be much traffic.

The chairperson said that even if the snow was canceled, they would have the vendors there. I keep telling myself that there won't be much in traffic, but truth be known, I have worked hard to get ready.

I'm not really totally ready. The two week down time with the machine in the shop really put me behind, but I thought I could sell some stuff this time. Now we will never know.

I know it would be miserable out there. The ground is wet, and I think will get wetter because there is going to be more rain before the 4:00 ending time. I don't have warm clothes here. They are all at the SSB.

Still I am bummed. I am really let down. I was all set - now . . . Oh, well. I guess we will have a Christmas in July table at Round-up. Or perhaps we will set up our own craft show (not).



Susan Adcox said...

What a letdown for you! I can't imagine having a show in this weather, and you've worked so hard for it. It happens so seldom in this area that it just seems too cruel that it had to happen this weekend.

judemiller1 said...

Well your daughter couldn't go today to help you so...maybe the weather was a god send in reality? Sorry--it was sunny and 50 here today.

Grandma K said...

Each year we wait with baited breath to see if the weather will hold. I respect the organizers and their decision. They order snow for the kids, and those who live outside "The Village" do pay for their booth. So if the event gets called off, returns of that money have to be made.

The temperature was in the 50's, but it was misty and finally it did rain pretty hard. It would have been miserable at any rate. I don't know for sure, but I really doubt there were any vendors there at closing (4 pm).