Wednesday, December 23, 2009


This morning I was not going to post - anything. I was in a deep funk. The world looked drab, and I couldn't think of anything positive about the day with the exception of the fact that I was breathing and moving about.

Then I met with our Realtor who sold us the other property. We have the house on the market finally. It will be a month after leasing it that we will realize any monies from it because around here the listing fee is a month's rent. Well, that's ok. I want it on the MLS listings.

She was amazed at the change in the property. She made two suggestions, one of which is on the books - a cleaning service to do the windows and so on. That is going to happen. So as soon as we sign the papers and return them, we will have the house on the market.

The real thing that moved me to post was a Christmas card from my "step brother." We are not related in any way by blood. My father married his mother when they were both getting to be elderly. Ron and I seldom had any communication at all. He has five kids, and we really didn't know any of them at all.

When his mother got so sick and I stepped in, that seemed to change things. He inherited a lot more money because of my dad then would have happened before. When Dad died, he inherited even more.

So there has been some communication now. In fact when we went to Disney Land for Lady Bug, we visited him at his newly opened restaurant. We had a lovely time. I got a Christmas card three years ago. He had been treated for colon cancer. Then I got my diagnosis.

We didn't hear again until today. I believe he lost the restaurant because he is selling insurance. But more than anything else, he has had cancer again.

I certainly will be including Ron and his family in my prayers. I think they have had some very hard times. I think the bills were stacking up big time from what his wife said in the letter.

I am not in such a blue mood anymore. I have heard from several people today. So far I have not had a recurrence of cancer. This is another day for me to be grateful, not down.

I hope you have found something of value in this day.


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judemiller1 said...

I don't know why this time of year brings "funk" and other depressions, but it sure does. I miss my parents a lot this time of year. I anticipate and expect things that never happen and that funks me out. I am so trying, this year, just to go with the flow and whatever will be will be.