Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Short, sweet (?), sorry

Comcast is still MIA so I'm on the air card, and it is limited.

Daughter went to the surgeon. She has mitral valve prolapse, so she should be on antibiotics prior to any procedures, but we forgot about that. He did another ultrasound, found something that was not to his liking, but we have to wait until Thursday for the biopsy. She has to take the antibiotics two hours prior to the procedure.

Thanksgiving went fairly well. After three days, G was tired of Doodlebug. When anything doesn't go her way, she howls. So they left on Saturday to see Son in law's family. It was time.

We did get several hair bows made as well as ten wreaths. If I can get away from this card and its blazing speed of 3.6 Mbps, I will upload some of them. The show is Sunday.

So with all that is going on, I must head upstairs. I have wrist rattles, girl's coins purses and cards to make before Sunday. Feel like a hamster on a wheel!



Comcastdete said...

Hi there,

I apologize for the trouble and my team and I would like to look into this. Can you please get an email with the details and a link to this post?


Detreon Roberts
Comcast National Customer Operations

judemiller1 said...

Ha-see you got someone's attention :-)
Been feeling like the small rat on the wheel myself--oh well--next month will be relaxing.