Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's a date

The big day id January 27 at 9am. I met with the surgeon today. I didn't realize how severe my knee problem was. The surgeon was amazed at the x-rays. He is concerned about me making it to the 27th. He told me to be very careful where and how I walk.

We will be doing the left first because it's the worst. The bone is breaking apart, and I have little pieces of "stuff" floating around in the knee. It has been there so long that there are secretions around the pieces making them even larger. He likened it to an oyster making pearls. The bone fragments irritate, so there is secretions added to the bone.

I feel somewhat better than I did. He was very reassuring. He actually has a personality! He gave me a cortisone shot to ease the knee somewhat while I wait for the surgery. He actually gave me a script for pain pills. I asked if they were for post surgery, and he said no - that he knew I was in pain now.

So . . . there you have it. My bariatric appointment is for next Thursday. That could probably be squeezed in between the knee surgeries. That is if I go through with the bariatric stuff. We'll see.

Hope you are all in one piece with only natural parts!



judemiller1 said...

I have all my natural parts, but this x-ray about your knee kind of scares me. What is I have that "stuff" too? I suppose I should get an x-ray of my hip and knee shouldn't I? EGAD!!!

Well at least you know it is a needed surgery.

Susan Adcox said...

How wonderful that you have found a doctor who understands your pain. I'll be hoping that you make it through the holidays without an accident and have a successful outcome with your surgeries.