Friday, December 18, 2009

Cristmas Traditions

This is a strange topic for today since I am in such a funk about everything in general - even Christmas. But over at RevGalPals, they challenged us to talk about the traditions we have in our families, since all families have different ones. Well, this year I haven't done a single thing - much less follow a tradition.

These are the categories:
1. Traditions you always do: (keeping in mind I haven't done these) We decorate for Christmas the first Sunday in Advent. My daughter's birthday is December 18, and she always loved having the house so festive for her birthday. We would also go back to San Antonio to celebrate with family. She thought (even though she later knew it wasn't true) that her birthday lasted two weeks or more.

2. Things I always cook or like to eat: I would bake dozens of cookies. This year - I don't need them. So there has been zero baking. I like to try to do a fruitcake or two. G likes them. This year - no.

3. Traditions I would like to start: Our family being more proactive in helping others. This includes giving to Lutheran World Relief, the various programs that provide things like cattle, serving at one of the city wide meals. I would like to see us turning Christmas to providing for those who have little.

4. Traditions I would like to discard: Gift giving. Sounds like Scrooge doesn't it? My grandchildren have more things than they could ever use. My children aren't in need. My extended family isn't in need of anything.

5. About our family: As an extended family, we have curtailed the gifts. We just enjoy each other's company at Christmas and New Year's. Our closer family is still giving gifts. We have our private exchanges, and G and I go with Daughter's family. Son's family is having their first Christmas with Wiggle Worm. We'll see what that brings.

We are so fortunate to be where we are in life. We are so fortunate to have our families. I need a better attitude this year!



Susan Adcox said...

Oh, boy, do I agree with you about cutting back at Christmas. We used to give a lot of gifts, but as our family has grown and the economy has tanked, we have cut back every year. Guess what? No one notices. We all have a great time just being together.

There is a movement here in Houston called the Advent Conspiracy. They encourage families to cut back on their spending and give the rest of their holiday funds to charity. Also, you mention giving to one of the charities that donates cattle to needy families. I attended a funeral last week, and the charity suggested "in-lieu-of-flowers" was Heifer International, which gives cattle, chickens, pigs and other livestock to needy families. I thought that was pretty cool.

judemiller1 said...

When you have time, could you email me the instruction on how to embed a link--like you did with RevGalPals, so that you can click on that name and it goes to the link?

I can't seem to figure out how to do it.