Monday, December 07, 2009


Daughter's friend, the one she and Lady Bug accompanied to "A Christmas Carol" yesterday, can bring vendors into her building. I think she only has one or two at a time. She offered space to me.

That sounds really great, but I don't have the items for a "one man show." Most of the items that I made for yesterday's event were specifically for this area. They were in local school colors, and in fact really were monogrammed for that event.

I have ideas for some other things, and I may take NR up on her offer at a later date. It's a shame because this would be a great time to sell. People are thrilled to find easy gifts. I may talk to Daughter more to get her input. Perhaps we do have enough things. But we only have ten wreaths, and other things are vary limited.

Regardless, the pressure is off. I will now set my sights on the July show. Last year, I could have sold hundreds of the neck coolers (they hold water and some say cool you). I heard the organizer say she would find someone for next year. Well, Dora, here I am.

So like other manufacturers, I will shift from Christmas to hot summer stuff. We will see how the break that comes post knee surgery works in. I know I can't bring the craft stuff down - I will have to get myself back up so I can climb stairs. But that has to happen so I can go to the SSB. It is at least six steps to get in there!!

Now I have to set about cleaning this messy house. It is so cluttered. I would like to have help come in every other week. That would be so nice. But I wouldn't allow them in right now!! So it's off to de-cluttering now!


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Jenn Jilks said...

Thanks for visiting My Reflections! We've had a ton of snow in My Muskoka . Perhaps 3' worth. I love digging out. BTW Our granddaughter turns 2 this Wednesday. What a hoot!