Thursday, November 17, 2005

Today was the day

Today was my day with Lady Bug. I carefully poured over cookie recipes choosing the ones that I thought would be easy for us to do together. I made a list of where these were located, made the shopping list, went to the store and then set everything out. I had chosen five recipes, and I thought they were wonderful. We made the first one and had just set the first baking sheet into the over. Did I say this recipe makes FIVE dozen? Lady Bug says to me: "OK Grandma, what do we do now? When are we making the Christmas cookies?"

My quick response was "these ARE Christmas cookies. We will have them at Christmas."

Dead silence followed. She thinks Christmas cookies are the rolled out, cookie cuttered, decorated cookies. This became very clear half way into the second recipe. In the mean time she wanted to watch "Madagascar" or play the "Earnie" game on the computer. I had lost her.

At noon, I made the enough to make the thousand cookies dough. I convinced her that it had to chill, and all was well. After its "resting time" I began to roll it out. I had the cookie cutters out. LB asked what they were. Oh, boy. I DID forget she isn't five yet. When she would cut out a cookie, it was from the middle of the dough. We got that settled. I gave her the first Silpat covered cookie pan. She began using the tinted sugar. I didn't pay attention - at first. When I looked over, there was no visible cookie - just green sugar. A huge lump of green sugar.

To end this - we did about two dozen cookies. I have enough dough in the frige to make nine hundred more cookies, but she got to make her Christmas cookies with Grandma!!!

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