Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A new experience

Thursday I am going to venture into the world of new experiences! Lady Bug and I are going to make cookies. I didn't even do this with my children. Isn't it funny what we will do for our grandchildren? She wants to cook something so desperately. When I stayed with the kids last week, she asked if she could cook with M that night. I think she was a little disappointed when I told her I was going to order Chinese. That was a big mixed experience for her. While she loves Chinese, she wanted to cook.

Now I have to decide what kind of cookies we can make together. I am thinking drop cookies would be the best. They are relatively easy to produce. I believe she would enjoy cutting cookies out too, and I know she would enjoy decorating them. I just worry about the mess.

In reality, I am really looking forward to Thursday. I think it will be fun. I am certainly past the stage where a little mess gets to me. There are things much more important in life. Spending time with my granddaughter is really right at the top of things that are important to me.

We went to Little Place in the Hill Country this past weekend. My niece was there with her son. I enjoyed watching my sister in law interact with him. She was sure that there would never be a grandchild. I know she was a bit jealous when Lady Bug came along, especially since I was less that thrilled at the prospect of being a grandmother. I am so glad she has her grandson. She makes a special effort to go to the little church to show him off on the occasions he is there.

I know she would love to have a granddaughter. She has a wonderful doll collection, and she always buys Lady Bug the cutest outfits for Christmas. All I can do is hope E will come though with a girl sometime. I was thrilled when we found that K was having a girl. C (daughter in law) can have all boys if it comes to that - I have my granddaughter! I wouldn't mind if C has girls though. They are so much fun.

Our extended family Christmas will once again be at Little Place in the Hill Country since G's siblings all have places within a mile from us (family land). Last year, Monkey Boy was only 6 months old. This year all three of the grandchildren are very mobile. It may be am exciting time this year.

It is nice to see the "new" generation. It is nice to just enjoy them. When it's your children, you are too busy making sure they grow up "properly." Grandchildren are there to simply enjoy, and that's what I intend to do!

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