Thursday, November 10, 2005

Incredible also

Well, G called his father last night to wish him a "Happy Birthday." When the conversation turned to the agreed upon visit of an assisted living facility, the answer was exactly what I thought it would be. No they didn't go to look. Everything is just fine, and the 17 year old dog with kidney disease who stroked out a month and a half ago is just fine. They have no problems. They are going to stay in the old house in a neighborhood that is no longer what it was. Strange how 50 years can being changes to a neighborhood that aren't positive.

So what a huge waste of time and gasoline money (it was pushing $3 per gallon then). How did I know things would turn out this way? Experience. There will have to be an emergency. Fortunately, I was rather prepared when it happened to my parents. The fact remains whoever, we do live at least 3 hours away, and that is in good traffic conditions. I guess the other siblings who live in Capital City only a little over an hour away will have to cope with this one.

I sound harsh, and I really this is not what I mean. As my days in this bank of life begin to dwindle (even though I try to ignore that fact - I'm still 21, right???) I think about what will happen to me. The thought of giving up my independent life is not something I want to do. G's aunt was thinking about assisted living. She's younger than the in-laws and goes everywhere. Her house was sold, and assisted living was one of her options. Her comment was that she didn't want to live with those "old people." I deeply agree. I look at the people in the place where I go to visit dad. There are three levels of people there. Very independent with "apartments" of their own, those who live in the facilities in rooms, and the locked unit. There are some folks who look to be less than 70. I still wouldn't want to live there. I would go nuts. But the fact remains that, if I live long enough, I will not be able to remain totally independent. I will not be able to care for this 2800 square foot house. It's difficult now; soon it will be virtually impossible. But I love this house. I utilize all but one room.

So what to do with the in-laws? I guess let them be. There must be some research done by the family for the back up needs however. G even told them he doesn't want an emergency like I had. Hopefully, little sister can come and stay - even during Christmas when school is out and begin looking and setting plans. The in-laws don't realize that the "good places" often have waiting lists. We had to wait a week even after the emergency.

Getting older is really not fun. The arthritis, associated health concerns, the looming future are not the most pleasant things in this world. Being older with still older parents is also not much fun when it comes to looking at their well being. Mother in law again changed her mind. I just wonder what it is going to take. I wonder what it will take for me?

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