Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Same old song

We are back again which means a much faster and more reliable internet connection.  It also means that I can sit here at the breakfast room table AND watch tv.  Yes, I am an addict - at least until about 1pm.  Then I either run out to do errands or head upstairs to play work on the embroidery machine and watch those programs I have DVRed.

So why don't I post when we are at the SSB?  Beats me.  I really have no idea.  It's not like I am busy, busy most days.  There are those when we go some place, or I have to prepare some bit of food to take to Community Club, but mostly I do ave time.

Anyway, I was busy this weekend.  And Marti  for a change I have a picture of my project. But between whatever is going on with my computer and/or Blogger I can't post it!  Things are getting ridiculous.  

The project I had for the weekend was making matching dresses for Granddaughter #2 and her doll.  They really turned out cute.  I followed the pattern exactly, but they are not finished out the way I would normally do it.  The pattern just called for attaching the skirt to the top (lining and all).  This leaves an unfinished seam at the waist.  Usually I have attached the skirt to just part of the top and then the lining is whip stitched to that seam to finish it off.

I think she will enjoy it immensely.  I have to finish her dress because I don't like the way the ancient Singer puts in buttonholes, nor do I like the way it does zippers.

As for the computer - I have run three different checks on it.  There is malware that I remove and "immunize" against, there were two "not-viruses" found, but still when I go to my main sites, there are pop-ups!

I will work on it more.  I will get those pictures up - someday.  In the meantime, I guess I will post them to the facebook page that is over there at te upper left.


Marti said...

Well, I'll just have to use my imagination until you can get all the elements working together. lol

I heard about a new thing we have to worry about now. Some kind of malware that gets into your computer and locks it down until you pay a fee (ransom) to the hijacker. They said on the news that most people can't get it unlocked by themselves, they have to take it to a computer repair service or pay the fee.

JuJu said...

Have you taken in your computer to some kind of geek squad yet?