Thursday, February 07, 2013

Granddaughter #2

I spent the day with Daughter's youngest who also happens to be granddaughter #2.  For so many years, I would have rather taken a bullet as take care of her for the day.  That isn't the case anymore, but I don't know if I can afford too many days with her!

We started off going to the sewing place.  I was going to make an appearance at the club meeting.  They are doing quilting, and I will not quilt!  I spend plenty of time doing machine embroidery and regular sewing.  Anyway, I also took my serger because I could not thread the bottom hooper at all.

So while I was there, I dropped a cool $50.  I have been out of the spray adhesive, and what was recommended to me at the fabric store just doesn't cut it.  I also bought some more thingies that look like slap bracelets to keep all my stabilizers from unrolling.  The serger works like a charm.  It was free!

Then we went to buy fabric to make her and her fake American Girl doll matching dresses - like I promised at Christmas.  Of course, I had to add to my stash by hitting their remnant area.  There she found what I thought was fuzzy fleece for a blanket.  OK - no problem.   Not much extra cost there.

After that I went to another fabric craft store that I won't mention here.  They had patterns for .99.   I got two that were doll patterns alone, and one that is the matching dresses.  The pattern maker has the gall to place an $18 price tag on them.  There is no way I would even pay that much money for a pattern - much less one to make doll dresses!

While there, granddaughter found buttons that caught her eye.  She was merrily putting them into the cart until I had her stop.  She was ready to buy a lot of other things!

We went to have lunch with her mom.  So that was a break there.  While at lunch I looked at the pattern.  I wasn't sure I had a coordinating fabric for that pattern, so we went to yet another store.

I haven't added the damage yet.  I did buy wreath forms for the mesh wreaths that are so popular now, along with several kinds of burlap for them.  There was some ribbon in the markdown area, so I had to have that.

All in all - I think I am broke from the day with granddaughter!  AND the "fleece" wasn't fleece.  I don't know what it was, but when I tried to fringe it, I had a mess with pink lint all over me, the table, the couch when I  moved there, the rug ...


Marti said...

Bummer about the fleece. I hate it when that happens. Now I know you aren't big on taking pictures, but please show your wreath when it's done. I've seen those but never knew how to make one.

judemiller1 said...

It seems whenever I take a grandkid out--I end up spending a lot, isn't their fault. Gramma has been known to say, "pick out whatever you want and put it in the basket." Oh well--someday when we are dead, they "may" remember the fun times.

JuJu said...

Those grandkids are so expensive! :-)

Jennifer A. Jilks said...

Ah, I know whereof you write! So funny!
Cheers from Cottage Country!


they can break your wallet and your heart.