Wednesday, February 27, 2013

THE dress

Well, the dolly and me dresses were a hit.  Looking back on that phrase, the English minor/major in me cringes a bit.  I am pretty sure it should be dolly and I, but ...  There it stands as written.

Anyway, the look on Granddaughter #2's face was worth every bit of it!  I commented on a post about how expensive fabrics have gotten, and it's true.  I know I bought extra fabrics, but those dresses ended uposting me all together in excess of $50.

The look on her face was worth every dime and every minute I spent on them.  You would have thought they were  made of 24 karat spun gold!


I hit the wrong key in the above, which for me is par for the course.  If I make more than four words without a typo, it is really unusual.  Between my lack of typing skills, my sticky laptop keys, and the fact that I am a very poor speller, that is a common thing.

It  made me think about using my Kindle Fire.  I was reading the book Monday Morning, which is the basis of a new show on TV that interests us.  G used to work in a hospital, and as such they had their Med/Surg conferences on Tuesday mornings. These are held in the hospitals to go over cases.  Since his was a teaching hospital, these conferences were part of the teaching aspect.

I am getting way off topic here with the explanations, and this is way off.  He even missed Son being born because I went into labor on a Tuesday.  He had to get there to post the results on the chalk board.  This was 36 years ago - no computer usage as such then!  And the hospital said I would be hours giving birth.  Nope, Son had other ideas.

Anyway, the book was talking about giving the patient fluids through the IV.  When I used the speech part of the Fire, the computer voice would read this as "4."  The doctor was named Villanueva.   I still don't know how the computer voice translated this because I could never understand it.

All this certainly changed the way I was reading (listening to) my book!

Back to dresses - SIL is supposed to send me a picture of the two of them as they went to school for "Show and Tell" day.  I hope he does, and I will go to the other place and post it here.

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Jeanette said...

I've seen that show Monday Morning and it's really good! So happy that granddaughter loved her dresses!